How the AIDA Model Can Improve Marketing for Your eCommerce Store

Updated 21 July 2020

It’s not easy to get the attention of your target customer towards your store. In this article, we will learn “How the AIDA Model Can Improve Marketing for Your eCommerce Store” to get your desire customer.


Marketing and advertising to your customers are crucial if you want to be in the front-line and sell products. But it is not easy to get across as the field of advertising is too competitive.

All businesses use every platform to promote their services, like TV, radio, print, digital marketing like blogs, and social media. It makes it a bit tough, but if you follow the right principle and send out unique content, customers will notice you.


One of the most prominent methods of marketing is the AIDA model. Most brands use this, but its usage in the e-commerce department wasn’t much.

That is changing now, as e-commerce brands are becoming a crucial part of people’s life, they too are looking at a sustainable model that can attract customers better.

That is exactly what the AIDA model does. In this article, we will talk about what is AIDA, and how it can affect the workings of the e-commerce industry.

 What is AIDA?

AIDA is a marketing model, and Elias St. Elmo Lewis developed it in 1898. It stands for- Awareness, Interest, Design, and Action.

The agenda behind developing this model was to understand the process of how customers engage with an advertisement. Let’s understand these specific terms in detail.


A- Awareness: The first step in which the customer takes notice of your product/service. A business using various marketing channels, like articles, paid advertisements, podcasts, and so on to aware of their brand.

I-Interest: Through your blogs or webinars or email-campaign that you send out, the customer starts taking interest in your product.

D-Design: The customer moves into the stage of ‘must-have’ the product stage. So, they check out your site or e-book or brochure.

A-Action: The last step when the customer buys the product.

 How can the AIDA model help your eCommerce business?

Let’s take one word at a time, and understand how it affects the e-commerce industry.


The first stage where you have to inform your target audience about your product or service. It is the most important stage as if they are not aware of, or have attention towards your brand, none of the other stages will matter.

As an e-commerce brand, you have competition and if you don’t aware people about things you sell, you will be at a loss. If you nail this stage, you increase the probability of selling the product by 30%. Follow these steps:



Now that the customer is aware of your online store, it is time to make them interested in your products. Interest equals sales. You need to ensure that customers stay on your page. Here’s how:



Now, you need to turn their interest into desire. It is the difference between scouting the item and putting it into the cart. Here’s what you can do:





The last stage is the action stage, meaning the buying stage. This is the most important stage as a lot of buyers leaves after putting the things in the cart.

You don’t want that, you want them to put it in a cart, and buy it. Or directly go to the buying option.


Knowing the AIDA model can help you in a big way. Understand it, apply it, and ensure that you are particular about each stage for the best results.

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