Blockchain for Commerce

Blockchain technology can transform your commerce store into a
highly secure ecosystem. Decentralized blockchain eliminates the
intermediaries and enabled the peer to peer transactions.

Blockchain for Commerce
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What exactly is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a digital ledger it runs on a digital platform used for recording transactions and tracking the assets within the network, which is based on decentralized and cryptographic hashing.

We can say that blockchain is the kind of chain-type structure in which the data is stored in multiple blocks and each block has three elements, called nods, peers, or miners. The major task of blockchain is to validate and transmit the transaction data, thus eliminating the need for regulators or intermediaries.

Challenges of the Current E-commerce Industry

How has Blockchain revolutionized the Commerce industry?

Blockchain is well known for its security that provides the Commerce sector
with extra layers of security.

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Traceable supply chains

Using blockchain, shop managers can track the products that are on the way and when they will arrive.

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Generate genuine reviews

Blockchain technology can help online store owners to verify customer reviews of their products or services.

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Customer’s data security

Blockchain provides the highest level of data security to commerce database management.

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Loyalty program and offers

Retailers can easily give redeemable reward points to the customers, using blockchain technology.

Usecase of Blockchain in E-commerce

Integrating blockchain in e-commerce helps businesses a lot in managing the supply chain, avoiding fraud, and reducing costs. Customers will also get better control of privacy, avoid spam messages, and high-quality customer feedback.

Inventory management

In the inventory management system blockchain technologies can be used to leverage the stock, inventory, and logistics costs and prevent price fluctuation due to misinformation or intentional attempts to change the price or supply terms.

 Inventory management

Smart Contracts

Blockchain’s main feature is a smart contract, which is based on public and private keys and verifies the digital signature. With smart contact, you can avoid etiquette without compromising your privacy and security.

 Smart Contracts

Security and fraud prevention

Fraud prevention is the main aim of using blockchain technology in e-commerce, blockchain prevents the merchants from the chargeback frauds that are common in this business.

 Security and fraud prevention

Decentralized Data

Blockchain technology is based on a decentralized database, it is not owned by any third party only retailers and consumers can control transactions in the payment system.

Decentralized Data

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain enhanced product traceability and transparency in the supply chain. Now Commerce companies can ensure that vendors are fulfilling their criteria.

Supply Chain Management

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