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Laravel eCommerce Multi Tenant SaaS Module

A complete SaaS-based ecommerce solution from where anyone can start and grow their online eCommerce business.

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Laravel Saas

Why Laravel eCommerce Multi Tenant SAAS Module?

Laravel eCommerce Multi Tenant SaaS Module enables you to have your own SaaS-based eCommerce solution and attract business owners to easily create their own eCommerce shop. It's very reliable as there is no limit to creating online stores and manage them.

Multi-Tenant Module

SaaS based multi-tenant module is like an eCommerce virtual mall, where multiple-merchant can sign-up and create their own eCommerce store with their domain name.

Multiple eCommerce merchants can access at a time and manage their inventory, order, product, etc.

Multi-TenanT Module

Easy to set up and manage

It's easy to set up the module in just a few steps and you are good to go with your SaaS business model. It's built on opensource tech stack which means you can customize it as per requirement in the future.

Admin can easily manage this module to check how many sellers registered on their SaaS Platform and as such perform necessary operations.

Easy to set up and manage

SAAS Module Feature

Laravel eCommerce multi Tenant SAAS module features for store owner really helps.

Easy to Scale

It's an easily scalable solution as such there is no limit for product uploading or creating categories. This is helpful for your sellers looking to sell as many products on their store without worrying on any kind of performance issue.

End to End payment integration

In Laravel eCommerce SaaS solution there is by the default payment method PayPal. As such you don't need to integrate any payment plugin to collect payment from your customers.

Unique Business Model

Laravel eCommerce SaaS module presents you with a unique business opportunity to create your own SaaS solution and attract customers. Admin can easily charge either the membership fee or transaction fee from their customers and grow their business.

Built on world best Open source technology

Bagisto is the fastest growing open-source eCommerce framework. Built on the most powerful open-source technologies laravel & vue.js, the framework is designed to provide you with optimized performance, secured and scalable framework.

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