AR Commerce

AR Commerce refers to the implementation of Augmented Reality
technology in eCommerce.

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What is AR Commerce?

AR commerce provides an edge to the customers to view the product before deciding to purchase it. The customers can check the products in both 3D and 360 degrees views.

It uses Augmented Reality which operates the camera of the devices such as; smartphones, smart glasses, head mountain displays, and web-based AR to capture the environment.

Benefits of AR Commerce

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Enhanced Shopping Experience

AR enhances the customer shopping experience by using real-time trials for the products. It increases customer engagement as the users get a closer view of the product.

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Physical Store-Like Experience

Virtual previews give the users a physical store-like shopping experience. The buyers take the preview in 3D view and go through all the dimensions of the products. The shoppers can check the detailed product demonstration with available filter options.

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Better Decision Making

It assists the shoppers to make better decisions before shopping for any item. AR commerce is an excellent tool for the customers to preview the product in detail.

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Increased Conversion Rate

It is crucial for any business to increase the conversion rate. Product preview gives the customers confidence to buy that particular product. This helps in conversion to a customer from a guest user and increases the sale also.

Realistic Shopping Approach

Augmented Reality in eCommerce offers the users a realistic shopping approach. The customers have to select the products, scan the area, and display a product preview. AR creates an illusion of the product which seems natural to the physical world. The more realistic the product looks, the clear the evaluation will be there. This facilitates a realistic shopping experience for the shoppers.

Realistic Shopping Approach

3D and 360 Degree Identification

When the shoppers take the product preview, AR gives the 3D and 360-degree view to analyze it from all the dimensions. As the item can be seen from 3D to 360 views so the customer gets the ease of assuming it in the real world view. 3D view in eCommerce make the product view more interactive and user get a store-like shopping experience. 3D representation not only gives product clarity but also gives them a close idea about the actual product look.

3D and 360 Degree Identification

Virtual and Real World Combination

AR provides a combination of both the real and virtual worlds. The feature allows the buyers to preview the product virtually and test it in the physical world. The objects appear as an illusion and seem as real as in the physical world. It shows the virtually available items to check the exact view of the real world. AR commerce provides a clearer view for customers to examine the product in greater detail.

Virtual and Real World Combination

Product Virtual Trial

It gives another key feature of a Virtual try-on for the products. The shoppers can purchase the products after a virtual trial with the help of AR. AR adds the functionality to take the demo of the item which the shopper wants to buy. The users can take the on-model test or live face trial to make a purchase decision. AR commerce is the greatest approach for the eCommerce industry as it is convenient for the customers for decision making.

Product Virtual Trial

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