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Create customized NFT Marketplace solution without any Blockchain expertise. NFT Marketplace Builder is designed to bring digital creators, crypto natives, and collectors to move the culture forward.

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What is NFT Marketplace Builder?

NFT Marketplace solution allows you to create and sell digital collectibles that are blockchain-secured. With NFT Marketplace Builder, encourage merchants from diverse categories to sell digital collectibles from a single storefront.

NFT Marketplace Features

Appealing storefront

The storefront for the NFT marketplace solution should be appealing and user-friendly. It will include previews, pricing history, bids, and information on the owner, among other things.

Token Search with Advanced Features

Users are always eager to verify the desired token with minimal effort, which is why the NFT marketplace platform will allow you to search for items or tokens as needed. As a result, the fast search will improve the consumer experience.

Wallet Setup

A wallet is a place where non-fungible tokens receive and store. You won't have to start from scratch with this wallet, and it will keep you protected from security concerns.

Purchase and Bid on NFTs

You can bid on your listed NFTs on the NFT marketplace platform. Bidding features will display the bid expiration date as well as the status of the bid.

Blockchain Environment

Ethereum is one of the most popular networks in the crypto world, with a steady growth rate since its start. It decentralizes systems powered by smart contracts that generally confirm asset ownership. Because the Ethereum blockchain discloses properties that are most relevant to NFTs, it is ideally suited for them.

Blockchain Environment

IPFS Storage Platform

IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol for decentralized storage of media material. IPFS can store all of the data linked to NFTs because the media files cannot store directly on the blockchain.

IPFS Storage Platform

ERC-721 Standard

Within a smart contract, the ERC-721 standard allows an application to use the normal Ethereum API for NFTs. For instance, the ERC-721 standard ensures that NFTs can be exchanged and monitored, ensuring that the ownership of the token is accurately recorded.

ERC-721 Standard

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