Bagisto always improve products based on customer feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here's a note of the main features we're working on next.

Coming Soon

Upcoming features in Bagisto that will enhance your shopping and browsing experience.

  • TDD & BDD Approach - Testing approach to be used for modules driven by the actions of end user and for third party like API calls, cron jobs, import/export etc.
  • Support with Redis, Varnish, Nginx and Memcached - Speed up your dynamic data driven system by caching data in RAM instead requesting for external source.
  • Support with Percona - Support to Percona's server will be available for optimized performance and scalability.
  • NoSQL Support - Extensive support to NoSQL (or non-relational) databases
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Integration - Optimize your web performance by delivering mobile friendly content to your users.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Management - Improve your software delivery process using content integration and delivery pipelines.
  • Micro-services Architecture - Implement your business capabilities using the collection of independent services to deliver complex applications.
  • Multi Sales Channel Connectors for Amazon and Etsy

In progress

Features that are soon to get unlocked and disrupt the eCommerce ecosystem

  • Seller Membership for Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    Deadline : 20 December, 2021

  • AJAX-based Search Suggestion

    Deadline : 30 December, 2021

Recently Completed and Updates

Have a look at the Bagisto's functionality and beautifully crafted UI for an immersive experience.

  • API Support ( POST ) - Bagisto will be providing POST API support as on GraphQL by which you can easily use the API to connect with other platforms
  • Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web App - Your favourite eCommerce framework is launched as a PWA for fast and reliable user interaction to provide an immersive user experience.
  • Mobile Application - Bagisto will soon be available on Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension
  • Dropshipping - Laravel eCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Module
  • Point Of Sale - Web based POS for Bagisto retailers to provide seamless sales to its customers anytime.
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Bagisto's Front-End View
  • Bagisto Website is Live
  • Bagisto Dashboard updated
  • Channels, Locale, Product feature updated
  • Visualisation and Docker Integration - Virtual environment to build and manage applications for Bagisto regardless of technology and infrastructure.
  • Elasticsearch Integration - Get enhanced search and fast response using indexes instead searching for the text directly.
  • Downloadable, Booking Virtual Product Types in Bagisto
  • Arabic by Default - Core integration of Arabic language
  • Bagisto Marketplace - A place for third party developers to list their applications supported to Bagisto Suite.
  • GDPR Ready: Bagisto will implement features as per GDPR to provide customers more control on their personal data and keep the transparent privacy policy.
  • Promotion Module - Percent and fixed price discounts to win customers' appreciation
  • Complete B2B Module
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Extension
  • Bagisto's Dev Documentation
  • REST API Docs to build mobile application on top of Bagisto.
  • Multi-Company SaaS Module
  • Laravel eCommerce Aramex Shipping Extension
  • Laravel eCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway Extension
  • Laravel eCommerce eBay Connector
  • Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization ) Extension.
  • Stripe Connect for Marketplace
  • Velocity eCommerce Theme for Bagisto
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Bulk Upload
  • Laravel eCommerce CashU payment gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Custom Attribute
  • Laravel eCommerce Accept Payment Gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Customers Credit Max
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Company SaaS module
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant Stripe Connect
  • Laravel eCommerce Payment Gateway
  • Laravel Marketplace Multishipping
  • Laravel Marketplace FedEx Shipping
  • Laravel Marketplace UPS Shipping
  • Laravel Marketplace USPS Shipping
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS Multivendor module
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS POS
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS PWA
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi Tenant SaaS Pre Order
  • Yoast SEO Package
  • Bagisto Image Gallery
  • Bagisto Debugger
  • Laravel Marketplace Quote System
  • Laravel eCommerce Abandoned Cart System.
  • Laravel eCommerce Vapulus Payment method
  • Laravel Marketplace Delivery Time Slot
  • Laravel eCommerce Delivery time Slot
  • Laravel eCommerce Canada Post Shipping
  • Laravel eCommerce Reward Points
  • Laravel SaaS Delivery time Slot
  • Laravel eCommerce B2B Stripe Payment gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Restaurant POS System

API Support ( Rest & GraphQL ) - Bagisto will be providing API support as on Rest and GraphQL by which you can easily use API to connect with other platfrom.

Deadline: 25 Jan,2020

Our journey with Bagisto have been wonderful. They have helped us not only in listing integration on their marketplaces but to also build best eCommerce selling platform i.e. Zapseller

Nikhil Jathar

Nikhil Jathar
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