Bagisto always improve products based on customer feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but here's a note of the main features we're working on next.

Coming Soon

Upcoming features in Bagisto that will enhance your shopping and browsing experience.

  • TDD & BDD Approach - Testing approach to be used for modules driven by the actions of end user and for third party like API calls, cron jobs, import/export etc.
  • Support with Redis, Varnish, Nginx and Memcached - Speed up your dynamic data driven system by caching data in RAM instead requesting for external source.
  • Support with Percona - Support to Percona's server will be available for optimized performance and scalability.
  • NoSQL Support - Extensive support to NoSQL (or non-relational) databases
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Integration - Optimize your web performance by delivering mobile friendly content to your users.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Management - Improve your software delivery process using content integration and delivery pipelines.
  • Micro-services Architecture - Implement your business capabilities using the collection of independent services to deliver complex applications.
  • Multi Sales Channel Connectors for Amazon and Etsy

In progress

Features that are soon to get unlocked and disrupt the eCommerce ecosystem

  • Seller Membership for Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    Deadline : 20 December, 2021

  • AJAX-based Search Suggestion

    Deadline : 30 December, 2021

Recently Completed and Updates

Have a look at the Bagisto's functionality and beautifully crafted UI for an immersive experience.

  • API Support ( POST ) - Bagisto will be providing POST API support as on GraphQL by which you can easily use the API to connect with other platforms
  • Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web App - Your favourite eCommerce framework is launched as a PWA for fast and reliable user interaction to provide an immersive user experience.
  • Mobile Application - Bagisto will soon be available on Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension
  • Dropshipping - Laravel eCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping Module
  • Point Of Sale - Web based POS for Bagisto retailers to provide seamless sales to its customers anytime.
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Bagisto's Front-End View
  • Bagisto Website is Live
  • Bagisto Dashboard updated
  • Channels, Locale, Product feature updated
  • Visualisation and Docker Integration - Virtual environment to build and manage applications for Bagisto regardless of technology and infrastructure.
  • Elasticsearch Integration - Get enhanced search and fast response using indexes instead searching for the text directly.
  • Downloadable, Booking Virtual Product Types in Bagisto
  • Arabic by Default - Core integration of Arabic language
  • Bagisto Marketplace - A place for third party developers to list their applications supported to Bagisto Suite.
  • GDPR Ready: Bagisto will implement features as per GDPR to provide customers more control on their personal data and keep the transparent privacy policy.
  • Promotion Module - Percent and fixed price discounts to win customers' appreciation
  • Complete B2B Module
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Extension
  • Bagisto's Dev Documentation
  • REST API Docs to build mobile application on top of Bagisto.
  • Multi-Company SaaS Module
  • Laravel eCommerce Aramex Shipping Extension
  • Laravel eCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway Extension
  • Laravel eCommerce eBay Connector
  • Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization ) Extension.
  • Stripe Connect for Marketplace
  • Velocity eCommerce Theme for Bagisto
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Bulk Upload
  • Laravel eCommerce CashU payment gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Mollie Payment Gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Custom Attribute
  • Laravel eCommerce Accept Payment Gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Customers Credit Max
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Company SaaS module
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant Stripe Connect
  • Laravel eCommerce Payment Gateway
  • Laravel Marketplace Multishipping
  • Laravel Marketplace FedEx Shipping
  • Laravel Marketplace UPS Shipping
  • Laravel Marketplace USPS Shipping
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS Multivendor module
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS POS
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS PWA
  • Laravel eCommerce Multi Tenant SaaS Pre Order
  • Yoast SEO Package
  • Bagisto Image Gallery
  • Bagisto Debugger
  • Laravel Marketplace Quote System
  • Laravel eCommerce Abandoned Cart System.
  • Laravel eCommerce Vapulus Payment method
  • Laravel Marketplace Delivery Time Slot
  • Laravel eCommerce Delivery time Slot
  • Laravel eCommerce Canada Post Shipping
  • Laravel eCommerce Reward Points
  • Laravel SaaS Delivery time Slot
  • Laravel eCommerce B2B Stripe Payment gateway
  • Laravel eCommerce Restaurant POS System

API Support ( Rest & GraphQL ) - Bagisto will be providing API support as on Rest and GraphQL by which you can easily use API to connect with other platfrom.

Deadline: 25 Jan,2020

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