Laravel eCommerce Native Mobile App

Turn your Bagisto eCommerce store into Laravel Native Mobile App based on Flutter.

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Why does your eCommerce shop need Laravel Native Mobile Apps?

Gone are the days when customers are used to purchasing products from desktops. As we all know online shopping from mobile is a much preferred choice in comparison to websites.“79% of the user has purchased the product via the mobile application in the last 6 months.”

Share of online population who bought something online via mobile device in the past month as of 3rd quarter 2019,by country (source - statista)


Voice Search

The customer can search the product through voice search as we know an easy search procedure always makes things easy for customers. This could increase the customer’s user experience by decreasing the struggle of customers to look for the desired products.

Voice Search

Real Time Synchronization

Real time synchronization should be available in eCommerce mobile apps as it synchronizes the real-time changes with the store website. It means if we are changing anything on the website, it will reflect on mobile apps like inventory update, order etc.

Real Time Synchronizatic

Laravel Native Mobile App Features

The laravel native mobile app are enriched with numerous feature which can help the user gets the best.

Unlimited Push Notifications

With the help of push notifications, you can engage your customers. That means you can send them notifications like the offer, deal, important alert, etc even if they are not using the app at that time.

Multi-Lingual and RTL Support

The application supports multiple languages. It will help to make your application easily accessible to customers in multiple languages and expand your business to global level. It also plays a major role to get more traffic and further generate sales..

Autofill Address through GPS

Enhance the experience of your customers by providing them with the auto-fill functionality to fill the address details. It will also help the customer by removing the manual work of filling the address fields one by one.

Recently Viewed Products

Displaying recently viewed products to your customer, playing a big role to enhance shopping experience.With the help of this feature, customers will save the time to search for the product which they viewed. It will increase your sales and decrease bounce rate.

Abandoned Cart Notification

Sometimes customers add products into shopping carts and forget about them due to many reasons. By using abandoned cart notifications, you can bring back customer’s attention for the product which they forget to purchase..

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