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Headless eCommerce

Serve your customers with the content wherever they are. Leverage an API driven commerce for seamless user interaction and redefine the omnichannel experience.


Be a Trendsetter

With the new trends coming in the market daily and the growing computational power, your systems need to be flexible so the new changes can be easily adopted at any point. Your front-end design and backend infrastructure should work in parallel to get the changes implemented. With headless commerce, your storefront can easily be molded with the current trends.

Faster Time-To-Market

With independent infrastructure working at both ends, your development and UI teams can work with full freedom in headless eCommerce allowing to easily deploy your applications in the market from virtually any platform. Afterwards either it's tablet, smartphones or any hand-held device, you can easily engage with your customers and drive useful analytics.

Total Control

From developing the business logic to designing storefront, you have got the total control over your eCommerce shop so you can easily develop the marketing strategy and create endless sales opportunities. Moreover, you can also easily integrate various enterprise applications like PIM, CRM or ERP without delaying your product launch.

Round-the-clock easy customisations

With headless commerce, customisations are no longer a big hassle.  Deliver eye-catching content and customisations in no time to your customers anywhere anytime. Easily integrate analytics, SDKs, to accelerate your site performance; PWAs for native mobile-like experience and AMP pages for mobile-first approach.

Enrich eCommerce Development

Since the marketer has full freedom to work without waiting for the changes made by the developer in headless eCommerce, they can easily build custom pages in their eCommerce website. A custom template can be made ready which they can easily reuse to develop marketing campaign or section on their website. 

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