Mobile Commerce Trends in 2020

Updated 2 March 2020

M-commerce or Mobile Commerce is known to include the details of transactions that are completed with the help of a mobile device. Here will discuss the Mobile Commerce Trends in 2020.

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It can be explain in terms of the advancement of e-commerce that allows individuals to purchase products or services with the help of their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

As per a recent study report, it has been reveal that around 95 percent of the users tend to look up vital information about a business or service on their respective mobile devices. 

Given the ever-rising popularity of mobile devices and applications out there, it is estimate that the sales for mobile commerce are expected to account for 54 percent of the entire e-commerce sales.

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Various Types of Mobile Commerce Solutions

A study reports that around 49 percent of the consumers across the globe make use of their mobile phones for shopping. In addition to online shopping, there are several other applications of mobile commerce as well. These are:

Mobile Commerce serves beneficial for both the sellers as well as the buyers. As per a study, around 70 percent of mobile searches that are performed online results into relevant action within 1-2 hours of the given search. 

Some of the potential benefits of m-commerce include:

Top M-Commerce Trends 2020

If you wish to indulge in professional M-commerce development services, moreover you should be aware of the latest mobile commerce development trends. Here are some:

Intelligent Site-Search Capability:

Site-search serves to be an inevitable part of e-commerce websites out there. Nowadays, it is playing a more important role in the field of mobile commerce solutions.



When it comes to navigating through thousands of products or services on the mobile device, it is not as seamless as that on the desktop. 

This is the reason why most users prefer making use of the search bar functionality while using mobile-based apps. Therefore, it becomes crucial that your mobile app features the advance site-search capability to enhance the overall user experience.

Chatbot Generation:

There is no denying the fact that one of the most vital uses of smartphones is to ensure uninterrupted communication to the end-users.

Right from Instagram Chat to Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and so more –all of these apps rely significantly on the unique chat feature to maximize communication within the app.

Given the importance of advance communication for modern enterprises out there, businesses are increasingly adopting the notion of AI-powered chatbots in the respective portals.

Chatbots are revolutionary tools for ensuring modern communication through the chat-enabled robots that deliver a human-like communication experience.

Social Commerce:

Are you searching for e-commerce mobile application development services? Social commerce is the all-new term in the e-commerce space. That is estimated that there are as many as 2.96 billion social media users in 2020.

As per a leading study report, it is estimated that 53.1 percent of the social media users are using online services only through their mobile devices. This number is only expect to rise rapidly to reach around 54.2 percent by the time of 2021. 

The Advent of AR:

AR stands for Augmented Reality. It is the latest technology that aims to use advanced smartphone cameras for transferring digital content to the real world.

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Its rising popularity in modern era, more enterprises are making use of the same to deliver optimal experiences to users.

There are several benefits of using advance AR technology for m-commerce mobile development solutions.

Faster Loading Speeds:

A recent study reveals that 53 percent of users opt-out of using a site if it takes more than 3-4 seconds for loading.

In a few seconds, you could end up losing potential clients if your website takes too long to load.

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Therefore, the optimize mobile loading speed for web portals is another vital concern.

If the potential customer base has relevant mobile connections working at an excellent speed –like that of the 5G technology.

This is imperative for you to ensure a fast-loading website on mobile devices. Therefore make use of the latest m-commerce development trends to ensure the best results.

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