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Why Bagisto Live Stream Module?

Bagisto Live Stream Shopping Module allows merchants to easily stream and produce a professional video. The module is perfect for any live streams, webinars, webcasts, and announcement or product launch videos, and more.

This will be able to push the technology to bring our live webinar to the audience in its typical format, with all of our standard elements, graphics, and production value.

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Benefits of Live Stream

Aside from the below benefits, laravel eCommerce live streaming provides a sense of excitement for your audience.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

With Laravel eCommerce Live Stream Module store owners can invite popular influencers or celebrities to host their live stream shopping events

These public faces have loyal or huge followers that more than often are willing to take their word for it when they recommend products.

Know Your Customer

Laravel Live Stream Shopping Module allows the store owners to know their customers in-depth and discover who your potential customers are and how they behave towards your new launch or upcoming brands

The module allows merchants to see details of how their customers behave, when they are ready to buy, which of your products they like, and why

Quickly Generates huge Sales

Laravel eCommerce Live Stream Solution helps to give the customers the confidence to believe in new brands and make buying decisions during live stream shopping. That ultimately helps in increases the merchant’s store sales.

Digitalized Brick-and-Mortar Experience

The Live Chat connects your influencers and your customers at virtual shopping events in real-time. Where the customer at the same time has comfort in their home while on the other hand, they can ask influencers to give a demonstration of the product they wish to buy.

Bagisto Live Stream Module Features

Here is the wonderful feature of the Laravel eCommerce Bagisto Live Stream module that allows you to go live with your favorite audience

Live Chat

Laravel eCommerce Live Stream Module provides more interaction between customers and influencers with improved the real-time experience.

Where influencers can explain the products in live sessions and viewers can directly connect to them via a chat. All this interaction between customers and influencers makes for a far more engaging shopping experience than simply adding an item to a shopping cart.

live Chat

Products on Live Events

It presents a unique marketing opportunity to add the products into the live stream and attract customers. It will be a one-stop solution for your buyers to get related products options to increase conversions on your website.

Product recommendations are not only based on customer tastes and preferences but also can be related to your particular brand which you can use for the promotion

Product on live event

Unlimited Streams

Laravel eCommerce Live Stream module is the perfect solution for the merchant where they can capture their customers or visitors' interest by showing them their upcoming live events on their store.

Moreover, the store owner can create an unlimited stream with the module that enables you to increase consumer engagement with your brand & products, and boost sales

live Chat

Invite Influencers

Bagisto Live Stream Module allows the store owners to invite unlimited or popular influencers to host the live stream shopping events and interact with the live audience to promote the upcoming brands of the store

These popular influencers will helps you to build relationships & trust with high touchpoint interaction with your customers in Real-time

Product on live event

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