Top 5 Key Features for Ultralocal Marketplace

Updated 6 May 2020

Today in this article we will Look out the “Top 5 Key Features for Ultralocal Marketplace”.

Ultralocal Marketplace concept has given wings to newcomers in the eCommerce ecosystem to grow with double the usual pace.


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One of the major contributors in this space is a grocery and daily household items ordering and fulfillment.

The ultralocal marketplace is shaping another dimension in the eCommerce world which is not only beneficial for the merchant but also for the customer.

Now Let’s find out Top 5 Key Features for Ultralocal Marketplace

Top 5 Key Features for Ultralocal Marketplace

Ultra local / Nearby distance calculation

As we all know that Uyperlocal Marketplace works on a “Near Me” concept through which the customer will get their goods and service delivery to their doorstep in a short time.

So, the first and most important feature of the Ultralocal Marketplace is nearby distance calculation of your customer.


The customer can type the location name and select the location from the auto-suggestions appearing in the app. Even the customer can select the current location from Google maps.

Inventory management

Fulfilling orders of your customers with the help of multiple warehouses proves to be a win-win situation for both the customers and the merchant. Storing your product at multiple locations not only makes the shipping faster but also saves you a good fortune.


Storing of inventory is not just enough to accomplish your business goal until it will reach to your end customer.

However, if you ship the product via multiple shipping partners, you can maintain a faster flow of product deliveries.

On the other hand, once the customer places an order at your marketplace based on the customer location the product must display at the right warehouse.

Chat with the customer 

In an ultralocal marketplace, wherein a short snap of time merchant delivers the products to the customers in order to maximize the sales.

Here a good chat system will give a good shopping experience for your customer by offering them instant support and guidance.

In a physical store, this is easy, as there are members of staff on-hand constantly to support clients. Online, however, this can be harder, as there are no employees to communicate with.


chatbot gives customers the chance to write down their query and instantly receive a response from your customer service team.

In hyperlocal many times order does not match the stock or sometimes the customer is not available at their place. chatting will surely solve a lot of time and will certainly reduce refunds.

Shopper availability and delivery

This feature shopper availability and delivery are one of the most convenient features for your customers. Here customers can choose the delivery of their order according to their zone and time availability.


schedule delivery

In other words, here the merchant and buyers are mutually agreed upon date and time of delivery of the products.

Accordingly, the merchant will deliver the product to the customer destination at the scheduled time.

Checkout from various stores/vendors

Hyperlocal Marketplace’s basic concept is that it provides a platform to the customer wherein at the same place they can connect with multiple merchants.

In the real world, it is possible that some of the items are not available in one store so hyperlocal marketplace users can make the checkout from selecting various brands/stores/vendors.


Ultralocal marketplaces are not so popular just because they deliver the product in a very short time. But also give multiple choices to their customer in one place.

In other words, in a single order, the customer can buy the products from multiple vendors available into the marketplace.

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