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Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension

Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension

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CompatibilityBagisto v0.1.6
Last Update06 Jun 2019
Created04 Feb 2019
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The Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension transforms your Bagisto store into a fully functioning marketplace. This shopping cart solution offers a full-fledged online marketplace where sellers can manage their sales through a common interface.

Features of Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Admin Privileges

  1. Configure inventory settings in the multi-vendor marketplace.
  2. Set global commission for all the sellers.
  3. Permission to Approve or Disapprove the status of any transaction.
  4. Once an order is completed, an admin can create a “Payout” for the seller.
  5. Admin can Approve Seller’s review status on the dashboard.
  6. Once an order is completed, an admin can create a “Payout” for the seller.
  7. Admin has the option to generate invoice and ship the product.
  8. A proper check on Stock availability.
  9. Vendor/Seller can be Enabled/Disabled by Admin
  10. Product Approval by Admin
  11. Build an attractive landing page with top sellers and their associated top products.
  12. Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.
  13. Admin can delete or update Seller’s profile and products.

Seller Privileges

  1. Sellers can easily manage their orders from the dedicated dashboard.
  2. Manage Seller Branding by providing the banner, social links and SEO friendly URLs for their shop.
  3. Sellers can maintain everything transparent between them and customers by displaying return & shipping policy and providing shop description.
  4. Functionality to add multiple images to the product.
  5. The seller can check total sales as made, total payout and remaining payout as done from Admin end.
  6. Functionality to either create New Product or provide own details on the existing product.
  7. Separate view for seller’s product collection.
  8. Special pricing available for Sellers with date filter.
  9. The seller can edit shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, and the shop information.
  10. The seller can edit or delete products from their dashboard.

Video Tutorial

How to set up a multi-vendor marketplace in Laravel: