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How to Setup Promotions / Cart Price Rule in Bagisto

It is human nature that everyone is attracted to the offers, sales, and discounts while doing Shopping. This can be very much beneficial for the customers and as well as for the website owners/sellers.

You can also set promotions in Bagisto according to the different rules.

How to Setup Promotions / Cart Price Rule in Bagisto

It is an easy step to set promotions in Bagisto go to Admin Panel

Click on Promotions>>Add Cart Rule.


After clicking the add cart rule a new page will generate where admin has to provide all the details regarding the Cart rule.

Case 1:-

When the coupon to use is not allowed by the admin or only the Cart rule is applied by the Admin for the customers.

Rule name

To provide the Cart rule name that will be offered to the customers.


To provide a description for the cart rule.


To provide the date from when the offer will start.


To provide the last day of that offer.

Customers Group

In this field, admin can select the customer’s group to which the cart rule will be applied for, admin can also select guest users in this field.

creating promotions in bagisto


Admin can select the channels in this particular field according to the requirements.

Is Active

From this field, you can active or inactive the rule by selecting Yes or No from the dropdown select menu.

Use Coupon

By this option, Customers can also put promo code over the filed where asked. Admin can set it as Yes or No. If Yes customers can put promo codes else set No the offer will be automatically applied if there is an offer.


Admin can set priority on the rules that which cart rule will apply firstly for the products if no coupon code is allowed by the Admin.

creation of promotions in bagisto

In this field Admin can set different conditions over the purchase techniques and rule can be applied according to those conditions these conditions are like Sub Total, Total Items, Total Weight, Shipping Method, Payment Method, Shipping Postcode, Shipping State, Shipping Country, Shipping City.


In this field, you can set rules according to Percentage of Product, Apply as a fixed amount.

Discount amount

Here you can set the discount amount/percentile for the products.

Buy at least

To set the number of products that a customer must buy to come under the cart rule category or to take advantage of an offer that has been applied by the admin.

Max. Quantity Allowed to be Discounted

To set the maximum amount of products customers can buy until the rule is offered to them.

Free Shipping

Select Yes to apply the rule for free shipping and No to not apply the rule for free shipping.

Apply to Shipping

Select Yes to apply the rule or discount for shipping rates also and if not set it as No.

How to choose products?

Under this section there are two fields as shown below:-

Select by Categories:- In this field, the admin can select the product categories.

Select Attribute:- In this field, by clicking on Add Attribute Condition button the admin can select the attribute for which the admin wants to set up promotions.

then click Create.

On Front End

Here customer has to choose the same number of quantity of the product for the successful application of cart rule.

For example, the admin has set to buy at least 4 quantity of products and the coupon applied the percentage of the product by 10%.

cart rules in bagisto


Move to the cart page then click on Proceed to checkout

promotions in bagistoon the next page fill all the details regarding Address, Shipping delivery, etc.

After providing all the details a page that generates will look like shown below where the customers can see the Amount Discounted under the Order Summary.

Then click on Place Order for the further process.

Case 2:-

When the Coupon code use is allowed from the admin panel. Admin can also allow customers to use Coupon for the discount.

In this case, all steps are the same as Case 1 but Admin just need to select Yes in the Use Coupon field.

**Note:- Whenever a coupon rule is applied, if there is any cart rule, applied for the same product then the cart rule will not apply only coupon rule will apply if a coupon code is entered.

how to create promotions in bagisto

code:- Under this field, the admin will provide the code for the coupon which will be entered by the customers.

how to create promotions

Customers can enter the promo codes under the Order Summary after performing all the steps including the Payment method and the Shipping method.

promotions and cartrules in bagisto

Once the customer enters the coupon code, cart rule will be apply to the products as shown below:-

Then click on Place Order.

This was all about How to Setup Promotions / Cart Price Rule in Bagisto. Hope it will be helpful for you. If you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at

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  • Abdur Razzaque
    But How can admin track which coupon used to discount?
    • saurav pathak
      It shows in Order detail at admin panel.
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