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How to Set Cart Rules in Bagisto

It is human nature that everyone is attracted to the offers, sales, and discounts while doing Shopping. Cart rule applied to the product in the shopping cart. Here will discuss how to set cart rules in bagisto.

By using it, you can set one or multiple discounts on the same product. Follow the below step “how to set cart rules in bagisto”.

Step 1:- Add New Cart Rule

a) On Admin panel, go to Promotions>>Cart Rules

b)On the upper right side, click on Add Cart Rule

Do the following entry in Rule Information Section

If you want to use coupon then select “Specific coupon” and do the entry in the following field.

 A)  Yes/No, If you select No then do the following step. if you  Set “Yes” then generate the automatic coupon.


C) Leave it blank if there is no limitation.

Note:-  Priority is important when products meet the condition set for more than one cart rule. The highest priority is 0. So when more than one condition, the highest priority will be applied first.

Step 2: Set The Conditions

The condition in cart rule is based on the cart attribute, cart item attribute, product attribute. If you want to apply the rule on all products don’t set any condition. Set the condition type all conditions are true or any condition is true.


Then click on the Add condition to set the conditions. Under the list of the cart, cart item and product attribute, select the attribute which you want to set for the condition.

Note:- Children and Parent product attribute condition is related to configurable product types.

For example, you have selected the cart attribute sub-total, then you have to select the condition like greater than/is equals to, etc and then enter the quantity as in the below image.

Step 3:- Set the Actions

In the Action section, we have to set action like how we want to apply the rule on the product and cart.

A) Percentage of the product price:-  Percentage discount applied to each product in the cart.

B) Fixed Amount:- Fixed discount applied to each product in the cart.

C) Fixed Amount to the whole cart:- Fixed discount applied on the whole cart.

D) Buy X Get Y Free:- Set the quantity that customers must have to purchase to receive a quantity for free.

Front End:-


That’s all about “how to set cart rules in bagisto”. Hope it will be helpful for you. If you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at

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  • Abdur Razzaque
    But How can admin track which coupon used to discount?
    • saurav pathak
      It shows in the coupon code section in the cart rule.
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