Bagisto Says “Hello”

Updated 25 September 2018

Today, a new entity has been created and is here to stay in this eCommerce ecosystem. Folks at Webkul have done it again and this time it’s not just a connector or a plugin, it’s Bagisto, a whole new eCommerce Suite which developers and merchants would love to get their hands on.

What is Bagisto?


Bagisto is an Open Source eCommerce Framework built on top of Laravel stack. A complete eCommerce solution built for merchants to cater their online shop needs and developers to contribute to the easy to use the source code.

Some key points of Bagisto include:

Complete eCommerce components package

The eCommerce framework has an easy to navigate admin panel and bundled with functionalities like Multi-Currency, Localization, Access Control Level, Multi-Channel, payment integration and much more.

Bagisto-Features Multi-Store and Access Control Level

Totally Code Driven

With the code-driven approach, you can easily replicate the framework, re-use the same components, extensions, modules and avoid tedious manual jobs to create an error-free work. As a result, Developers will find it easy to build their own code and deploy easily on Bagisto.

Exceptional performance and search optimization

The tech stack comprising Laravel, Vue.js and tools like composer powers the eCommerce framework. Furthermore, Laravel Scout provides an easy interface to Algolia’s API Client which boost your search results.

Laravel & Vue.js Ecommerce

Multi-Store Inventory

On Bagisto, you can create multiple inventories for your product delivery source and allocate priorities. Additionally, you can easily manage multiple channel inventories from a single website.

Multi Store Inventory

Also, you can create both online and offline inventory for the proper product distribution.

Cloud Deployment

The Bagisto infrastructure makes it ready to deploy on the cloud servers like Heroku, Google Cloud, Bitnami etc.

Enhanced Product Management

Product management on Bagisto consists of components like family, multiple-type attributes, categories, simple and configurable products etc.


Besides that, the framework also allows the creation of custom attributes and an insights report on your products sales to keep track of your revenue.


Furthermore, the eCommerce framework built on Laravel simplifies the shopping and browsing experience for the customers.

This is all for the newest eCommerce framework in the market. Stay tuned for other upcoming features. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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