Next Cart review – The best shopping cart migration service

Updated 9 November 2021

No one likes to move house. I think that’s the common mentality of people because there are too many things to clean and transport. In this article, we will read about “Next Cart review – The best shopping cart migration service”.

Not to mention that it will take you time to rearrange and get used to a completely unfamiliar living and working space.

Honestly, this is the same as changing the platform for your e-commerce store. There will be a lot of data to sort and move to fit the new platform. And sometimes it is those complexities that make people lazy to change to achieve more positive results in the business process.

That’s where tools like Next Cart come into play. Every step is simplified to the maximum to make your data migration fast and efficient. The following article will detail the features that have made Next Cart successful in e-commerce over the years.

The reviews from countless users around the world have been combined and combined with my own experience to create this Next Cart review. Hope it will be also useful to you!

Features and services that Next Cart offers

Next Cart was launched in 2014 with 7 years of construction and development, Next Cart has improved day by day and now has a customer network of up to 25,000 people.

The audiences that this shopping cart migration tool targets include freelancers, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises. That shows the comprehensiveness of its service. We’ll start with Next Cart’s biggest strength: Data Migration.

1. Data Migration

That slogan has stuck and created the brand for Next Cart. I think that’s the standard that any shopping cart migration tool should aim for. In just 3 steps, from Shopify to BigCommerce, from EShop to VirtueMart or any platform.

Next Cart also provides you with this process. To make it easier for you to visualize, I will briefly outline this process:

#1. Set up a Source and Target cart

In this step, Next Cart will list 3 objects that users need to set up: Open-Source Carts, Cloud-based Carts, and Carts that use File.


Specify which cart type your commerce platform uses, and copy and paste that cart’s URL into the required box. And depending on the cart type, you will be directed to either download and Unzip KitConnect or fill in the API credentials.

#2. Select entity

This is a bit more complicated because you will also need to have a certain understanding of your store to identify the entities you want to move like products, orders, customers, etc.

Next Cart review – The best shopping cart migration service

Additional Options help users to detail their entities as well as their wishes to make the data migration process more convenient.

#3. Waiting for the results

After completing the above 2 steps, all you have to do is wait after a dialog box pops up informing you that your entire information setup process has been approved.

Next Cart review – The best shopping cart migration service

Note: Keep your device active during the entire migration.

A dialog box will appear with the message “Congratulations”. The entire migration process is now complete and your new store is ready to open.

Through my summary, you will see that most of the important work in the data migration process has been handled by Next Cart experts and their algorithms. This minimizes user error.

What I like about this feature (and I think this is what helps Next Cart win the trust of customers) is that each step of the process has detailed instructions attached so you know what to do.

If that still doesn’t make you confident to go through the migration process, a demo will be provided so you can understand all the upcoming work that will take place in your store. And of course, this beta will only support certain entities. Next Cart review – The best shopping cart migration service

Along with the main feature is Data Migration, Next Cart also offers a Support Service to help you complete your store more easily.

Migration Assistant

It’s not an exaggeration to say this is the VIP version of the Data Migration feature. If you use this service, your job will be even simpler as Next Cart technicians do most of the work for you.

The necessary configurations and migrations are guaranteed to give you the most efficient results.

You will also need to authorize Next Cart technicians to complete the shopping cart login information.

Ticket content:

File Migration Service

For customers who need to import/export data as CSV, XML, XLS, Next Cart supports file migration service.

After providing your web URL and necessary data to the support staff, the data will be converted to CSV, XML, XLS. Files of this type can be moved safely and efficiently in two directions:

Migration Customization Service 

This service from Next Cart takes advantage of the database from your store and transfers it to the ideal third-party modules.

This feature is suitable for customers with information technology knowledge and skills to ensure that all modules move according to customer requirements. It also provides custom types for migrations, extensions, settings, and debugging. Especially:

1. Support the data migration process:

2. Extensions

3. Settings

4. Debugging

Handle errors/errors that occur in your eCommerce store.

Target Store Installation 

Once the migration is complete, if setting up a new store is also difficult for you, the Next Cart experts will also offer solutions. You will be assisted in “decorating” your new store with the theme you have chosen from your server.

The service advantages of Next Cart

Simple but effective

Minimalism is the first thing we can easily recognize in Next Cart. The three-step process has brought a lot of success to Next Cart. What you need to do is fill in all the information and wait for the “Congratulations” pop-up to appear.

The fact that Next Cart provides services to transport a variety of store-related data is also a feature you need to consider.


The next Cart is an online tool. You do not need to download or need any additional code to activate it. Moreover, the entire process of data migration or file conversion is self-contained. This also minimizes information leakage.

Accurate pricing

The service price that Next Cart offers is generally quite affordable. Although it is also in the price range of competitor tools, thanks to Migration Pricing you will get accurate pricing by entity range.

The starting price will be $20 for 100 products, 100 customers, 100 orders, 100 posts, and other data with 1 Year of Use/1 Year of Support.

Dedicated support

With a technician available to advise you 24/7 throughout 365 days, you can rest assured that all your problems will be discussed and resolved even if you contact via ticket, phone, live chat also email.

Unsatisfied things about Next Cart

My experience also went quite well when there were no problems with the transmission line and the working attitude of the support staff.

However, there are also some shortcomings that are reflected in the opinions of users around the world on issues such as attributes with multiple languages or during automatic migration, users are also required to present tickets.

These are errors that have been received and improved by Next Cart.

Final Thought

Next Cart is a also useful online tool that can make a good contribution to your e-commerce career. Its features all work very efficiently. Hope you will have a good experience with Next Cart.

So guys that’s all about “Next Cart review – The best shopping cart migration service”.

Also, if still you have any issues also feel free to add a ticket at



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