How to Set Locale in Bagisto?

Updated 6 February 2024

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To display your website in a different language you need to set the Locale in Bagisto. Having more than one language for your website can improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Set Locales in Bagisto.

Here we have explained the steps to set Locales in Bagisto.

Step 1: On the Admin panel of Bagisto go to Settings >> Locales >> Create Locale as shown below.

Step 2: Now add the below fields

1. Code Every language has its unique code.

2. Name Name of the language.

3. Directions Add the direction in which your language works LTR (Left To Right), RTL (Right To Left).

4. Logo Add the logo of your language

Now Save Locale as shown in the below image.

Step 3: Now you will able to see the new Locale as shown below.

Step 4: On the admin panel open Settings >> Channels you will able to see your new language is situated in the currencies and Locales section to enable this click on that and Save Channel as shown below image.

So by this, you can easily create a Locales in Bagisto and make your website as per your language.

Thanks for reading this blog. Please comment below if you have any questions. Also, you can Hire Laravel Developers for your custom Laravel projects.

Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issues feel free to raise a ticket at our Support Portal

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