How to create an eCommerce website like Amazon?

Updated 5 March 2019

Building a multi-vendor eCommerce website like Amazon, IKEA etc provides you with an opportunity to attract sellers to sell on your online store and soar to new heights. Here we are going to discuss on you can create an eCommerce website like Amazon.

In a marketplace eCommerce model, various vendors sell their products on the website. Consequently, this provides the customer with an ample number of option to purchase particular products as sold by many vendors.

Amazon Seller Information


That is to say, the model provides a cost-effective solution that helps to construct an online presence and includes a wide range of products with different discounts to enhance the sale volume.

Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace Live Demo

Building a multi-vendor website is rather a complex affair compared to normal eCommerce store as it involves a number of functions like

Above are some of the few features that differentiate the marketplace model with a standard eCommerce website. Certainly, building such a marketplace script may seem too expensive for a small startup but that doesn’t mean you lose out of options.

How to Create a Website like Amazon?

To create an Amazon-like marketplace eCommerce store, you need to take into consideration various perspectives.

Choose the right eCommerce platform

If you are looking to develop a fully functional multi-vendor eCommerce website, then selecting the right eCommerce platform to develop your eCommerce website plays a very crucial role.

Choosing eCommerce Framework

You must be looking for a platform that should be opensource, easy to customise as per your requirements, have wide community support in case you want to get few helping hands for your project.

For instance, there are lots of opensource eCommerce platform available today like Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Bagisto etc.  You can make use of those to develop advance shopping store like Amazon.

Bagisto Multi-Vendor

Magento as of today is one of the most preferred technologies used by many firms for their eCommerce needs.

However, with the ease of use, round the clock support and a platform made on laravel, one of the popular web frameworks in recent time, I find Bagisto as the most promising framework.

Web Hosting

Most importantly, to build a website like Amazon, you need to have a proper infrastructure so as to scale at the time and handle users on the go.


Hosting your website on dedicated servers or using cloud infrastructure offered as by the likes of AWS, Google Cloud etc should be taken on priority.

Building your Multi-Vendor eCommerce store

Building a multi-vendor eCommerce website from scratch seems to be a complex affair. However, you can make use of the easy to set up marketplace extension and start generating income.

Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace – Create your own Marketplace stores like Amazon and IKEA

Using the laravel multi-vendor marketplace extension, you can easily create your own marketplace website on the bagisto framework.

The extension is fully loaded with exquisite multi-vendor features on top of easily customisable laravel eCommerce framework.

Bagisto Image

Multi-currency, localization, ACL, multi-inventory sourcing etc are few of the features that laravel e-commerce framework has to offer to the merchants looking to start their marketplace stores and sell products on the global platform.

Firstly, you can follow the User Guide on how to install and set up the laravel marketplace store in just a few steps.

Secondly, you can also go through the Video Tutorial on Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Features of Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

If you want to create an online shopping store like Amazon, IKEA etc or you need to know how to develop a multivendor e-commerce store, feel free to connect Bagisto Helpdesk or follow Bagisto Tutorials and our official Bagisto Forum.

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