4 Customer Support Tips for Ecommerce Businesses in 2020

Updated 31 January 2020

Good customer support is essential for any business, but many e-commerce businesses are overlooking the importance of a comprehensive customer support policy. Here will discuss 4 customer support tips for eCommerce business in 2020.

Offer Live Assistance:-

Customers today are used to having things in front of them on demand. This extends to just about every area of modern life. We have all been spoiled by the immediately available nature of most online services that we use.

When it comes to contacting a business to resolve a dispute, your customers will expect to have a means of contacting you instantaneously.

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A live chat service is the most obvious way of providing your customers with a means of communicating directly with you that is not going to be too resource-intensive to manage.

You can outsource the actual support work to remote workers if you want to reduce your overheads.

Compile a Knowledge Base:-

An extensive knowledge base that contains all the information that your tech support staff might need in order to assist customers is a worthwhile investment of time and money.

If you are going to outsourcing your support, then an extensive knowledge base will help them to provide the best support.

Knowledge base

The process of compiling a knowledge base can help you to resolve the issue quickly that your business faces daily.

You might not realize exactly what your current support workers are up against, nor what to expect going forward. The process of compiling a knowledge base for your customer support staff will inform you on both fronts.

Invest in the Right Software

The most common tasks in modern businesses to make easier because of availability of specialized software. From managing your accounts to handling your customer support, there are now software solutions available to assist you.

The right customer support software can make a huge difference to the level of service that you are able to offer your customers, with implications for your business’s reputation in the long-term.

uvdesk support


There are a lot of customer support software solutions available today, so choose the right option for your business.

A great place to start is PieSync, who have a range of software reviews and comparison articles on their blog.

PieSync’s comparison review compares two of the biggest customer support and helpdesk software providers.

Produce an Accessible FAQ

Offering an accessible and helpful FAQ for your customers will enable them to help themselves and find any information.

This will reduce the strain on your customer support staff, enabling them to operate with maximum efficiency at all times.


Writing an FAQ isn’t as difficult as you might think, and the time and money it saves more than makes up for the costs.

Good customer support will improve your customer retention while also boosting your business’s reputation. Many e-commerce businesses are neglecting their customer support services, potentially giving you an easy win over your competitors.

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