Why You Should Stick with Print on Demand for Your Clothing Store

Updated 8 July 2021

In this article, we are going to look “Why You Should Stick with Print on Demand for Your Clothing Store”.


Have you ever thought of how much you could accomplish with your clothing store if there was no need to compromise anything?

Whether it is the style, branding, quality, emphasis on marketing, putting these worries aside would be beneficial not just for your wallet, but for your mental well-being as well.

Print on demand is changing the industry for the better. Stores on the internet can begin to compete even with the powerhouses, provided that they play their cards right.



Also with the trend of the constant growth of shopping online, the future seems to be pretty bright as a whole.

Print on demand ensures that the products are created only when someone orders them. In other words, there is no need to guess whether you will sell an X amount of clothes or not.

Moreover, it is easy to start a business from scratch when such a model is available.

There are quite a few advantages that print on demand offers. If you are still having doubts, continue reading and your opinion should change once you are finished with the article.

Variety Is a Good Thing

First and foremost, it is worth pointing out that there are multiple companies that can provide you with print-on-demand services.

Variety of products


Competition, in this case, is always a big plus, especially given how much the industry continues to grow. Not having a monopoly ensures that there is always a need for improvements and innovations.

Not to mention the fact that different individuals will have different needs when running their business.

Check out this Profitindustry selection of 5 best Print on Demand Companies and see what each of them has to offer. 

Saving Budget

Any business requires cash flow to sustain itself. Without it, you are doomed to fail and close down before you make anything in the first place.

If you have to rely on your own funds to make it work, do not expect to go very far. Sooner or later, you will run out of the available resources




Business expenses have to be monitored at all times. However, if there is a way to eliminate some of these expenses and reduce the burden, taking this chance should be a no-brainer.

The payment has to be made only when you receive an order. And the money comes from the customer who paid to receive a printed copy of clothing. You do not have to worry about paying on the stock.

The money that would go there can be put to better use, like marketing.

Variety in Product Options

A successful eCommerce store consists of a lot of elements. First and foremost, you need to ensure that your customers are happy and are giving you positive reviews.



That comes from offering quality merchandise. As well as giving something for them to choose from. Variety is a good thing, and it becomes risk-free when you are operating as a print on demand store.

You can go as crazy as you like and come up with all sorts of designs to test out which of them sell and which of them need revising

Digital Printing




Print-on-demand uses DTG (Direct to Garment) printing method that lasts for a very long time and ensures high quality.

This particular printing method is superior to any others out there, and we can expect to see it developed even more in the future.

No Discrimination

While this one may not be the most obvious of advantages, it can still make the world of difference to quite a few.

First of all, everyone can start a business like this and they can try selling whatever they believe in. Success depends entirely on themselves. 


Secondly, there are plenty of individuals out there who struggle to find a particular design and would love to order from someone who is willing to fill the hole in the market.

Reduced Wastage

While not necessarily connected directly with your business, it still feels great knowing that your project is not going to cause more damage to an already fragile environment.




Thanks to print on demand, there is no excess of clothing that has to be thrown away simply because it did not sell enough. 

Opportunity to Branch out Later

If you get to the point where your clothing store is doing great, you can always look to branch out and start selling more than just clothes.



Keychains, phone cases, mousepads, calendars, and pretty much anything that you can put a print on will sell so long as you ensure the quality of the merchandise.

And there you have it. Everything should become much clearer now and just how much of a difference working with print on demand makes.

Once you start, you will notice that there are plenty of other great perks not mentioned here as well.

Thanks for reading this Article.

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