How to Create Multiple Websites in Bagisto?

Updated 26 February 2019

Bagisto allows you to set up and manage multiple instances of domains or stores in a single Bagisto backend. This guide will walk you through how to create multiple websites with different domains in Bagisto.

In short, with bagisto’s single instance, you can create multiple websites and provide different attributes and contents like

For example, a typical use case of setting multiple websites on one instance is when you want one set of categories and products on one domain and another set of categories and products on a separate domain in a different language.

Creating Multiple Websites in Bagisto

For instance, here we are going to configure two websites (http://testbagisto4.com on the main instance (

Creating Channels in Bagisto

The bagisto’s channel functionality allows creating multiple websites in bagisto. Here you need to proceed towards Settings>>Channels

Bagisto Channels

Add Channel

Click on Add Channel button to create a new channel in bagisto. Subsequently, you need to fill all the necessary fields.

Bagisto Add Channels


Below are the fields that fall under the General section

Currencies and Locales

Here the settings needed to be done for the currency and locale


Within the design section, you can choose a theme from the drop-down option if multiple themes have been created.

Bagisto Theme

In addition to that, you can provide home page and footer content, logo and favicon images which are to be displayed at the front-end of your website.

Bagisto Channel Design Content

Configuring Apache File

Firstly, if you are using Apache as your web server and having root access, you need to go into your system files at the following path:

Further, you will get a configuration file named as 000-default.conf (the file name can vary).

Apache Config Files

After that, open the as said file above and add the following at the end of the document.

The only change you need to make in the Apache configuration file is adding the parameter ServerAlias whose value will be hostname which you have provided while creating a channel in bagisto.

After you have saved the configuration, just restart your Apache service again.

At last, you have successfully mapped the two domains(, with Bagisto main instance (

. . .

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  • Amir
    Thank You
  • Achyut Parajuli
    Can we not try this locally?
    I am serving this website on and another channel is added with hostname as So, the question is how can I view the second website?
    • saurav pathak (Moderator)
      Hi Achyut,

      You can also achieve this locally as well. Kindly follow the steps mentioned in the blog regarding having root access.

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