How to start an online Marketplace in UAE

Updated 27 February 2020

UAE has shown a phenomenal acceptance of the internet and mobile devices due to which the online marketplace has become one of the most popular ways of selling products. Here we will discuss on how you can start an online marketplace in UAE.

According to the survey it is stated that about 60% of peoples in the UAE choose online shopping on a regular basis.

marketplace in UAE

There are several eCommerce websites commonly used in UAE for Online shopping and are great competitors of each other.

UAE marketplace

Stats of eCommerce in MENA


market place in middle east

Language Support

It will be a good step in eCommerce if you can change the language of the website according to the region so that it can be more comfortable for the customers for that region.

However, it needs proper planning to develop an eCommerce platform in such a way that it can support Multiple Languages.

For the countries in the MENA region, you should choose the Arabic language as the default language.  You can also set Arabic content for SEO optimization so it can be more compatible with the people of those regions.

Why Bagisto?

Bagisto offers Multi-Language support with Arabic as default. Admin can easily set multiple languages for the eCommerce websites and can set any language as default for any channel i.e website.

How to create an online Market-Place in bagisto?

To create an online Market Place in Bagisto you must use the extension Laravel-Multivendor Marketplace. Using these several vendors can sell their products in a single eCommerce platform.

Admin can even set the Arabic language for the eCommerce website that is already available in Bagisto.

By creating a Marketplace in Bagisto there are several features granted to both Admin as well as Sellers.

PWA Support

As the rise of Smart Phones, the way of shopping has become has changed people can now shop from Anywhere and Anytime whenever they want. If an eCommerce site is mobile friendly i.e if the smooth access of a website is available in mobile also it will surely boost the business.

More than 60% of peoples in the UAE made a purchase with their Smartphones.

how to start a marketplace in UAE

Progressive Web Application(PWA) can also be created in Bagisto by using the extension Laravel eCommerce PWA.

The PWA created will also have full functionality of a Website that will even work in the Low Connectivity and can also be added to the home screen.


SaaS-based system

Bagisto is an online e-commerce platform that helps anyone to start their e-commerce store within few minutes without any technical requirement.

Bagisto provides you the entire front end and backend of the eCommerce platform with hosting space.SaaS based model for bagisto

Multi-Company Module

The Saas-based multi-company module is an eCommerce virtual mall, where multiple-vendor can sign-up and create their own eCommerce store with their domain name.

Easy to set up and customize

You can easily set up your eCommerce store by using the laravel SaaS module, and you can easily customize your store as per your needs because in SaaS module customization is very easy.

Built on world best Open source technology

Bagisto is an open source platform that is built on laravel.  It provides by default template, there are many more features that make the Bagisto so powerful eCommerce platform.

End to End payment integration

In Laravel eCommerce SaaS solution there is by the default payment method that is PayPal, if you want it as an extra payment gateway in your store then you can also customize it.

Easy to Scale

It is scalable because there is no limit on the number of product uploading or creating a category. So that is a very helpful big Sellers so they can sell their products without any issue.

Support by All kind of Cache handlers

Caching is the most important factor to improve your web performance of the website. Laravel eCommerce SaaS solution supports all types of cache handler.

One can definitely start an eCommerce marketplace in UAE with the help of Bagisto that will underline all the requirements of an eCommerce website of a Middle East region.

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