Why are self-service portals a necessity for your e-commerce?

Updated 24 May 2021

In today’s world, everything has become much easier with the help of advanced technology. People can also do shopping, booking or anything sitting at their home with the ease of technology. In this article, we will see”Why are self-service portals a necessity for your e-commerce?”.

This has also impacted in increasing people’s expectations from their suppliers. Customers are now expecting more than before and their expectations are never-ending.

Customers these days do not want to rely on anyone to get their queries resolved. They want to serve themselves and get their solutions.

To meet up to this expectation of the customers, self-service portals are the solution. It provides the customers with several features and helps them in finding the solutions to their queries themselves.

What is a self-service portal?

A customer self-service portal is a tool that helps customers find whatever they are looking for in a few clicks. With the help of a knowledge management system, self-service portals help the customers to search and find the solutions to their queries with ease.

Knowledge management tools such as a knowledge base, decision tree maker, FAQs, etc., customers can get accurate solutions instantly.

Why are self-service portals a necessity? 

Whenever customers face any issue, they would first want to look up to the company’s e-commerce website to find solutions to their queries.

Implementing a self-service portal in the company’s e-commerce websites would relatively help in enhancing customer experience. It would not need much effort from the customers and will provide accurate solutions to them in a much lesser time. 

The benefits of a self-service portal: 

Implementing a self-service portal on your company’s e-commerce websites has several benefits that would notably impact the growth of the company. Let us look into these key benefits briefly.

Reduces Costs 

Answering all the customer queries also takes up a lot of time and increases the operational costs or operational expenses (OPEX). Implementing a self-service portal helps the customers in finding the solutions to the common questions by themselves.

source:- www.bytestart.co.uk/turn-buyers-into-loyal-customers.html

This decreases the need to contact a customer service agent for customers. Hence, the operational expenses are reduced significantly.

Delivers instant and accurate responses with the help of a knowledge management system 

A knowledge management system also has several benefits for a company’s welfare. Implementing a knowledge management-based self-service portal also helps incredibly for a better customer experience.

With knowledge management tools such as a knowledge base, FAQs, picture guides, customers can also instantly find the most accurate answers to their questions. The customers would not even need to put on much effort as they can get their solutions only through a few clicks.

Saves time 

Usually, customer service agents having interaction with customers for common questions takes up a lot of valuable time from the customer service agents.Why are self-service portals a necessity for your e-commerce?

This leaves much less time for the customers to focus on complex queries. Self-service portals also help customers to find their desired answers which as a result saves a lot of time for the customer service agents.

Helps in decreasing the number of ticket counts 

As observed, most of the customer queries are the same common and repetitive ones. This affects considerably increasing the number of ticket counts.

With the implementation of a self-service portal, customers can have their common queries solved by themselves. This decreases the need for customers to raise a ticket every time they face any issue, hence, also decreasing the number of ticket counts.

User-friendly and fewer complaints 

Self-service portals are user-friendly. Customers can easily navigate through and search their queries. Since it is backed up by a knowledge management system, the solutions that the customers receive are very much accurate. This helps in decreasing the chances of any errors.  

Boost agent productivity 

Answering the same common and repetitive queries, again and again, deteriorates the customer service agents’ work efficiency. 

As customers can get their queries resolved themselves through the self-service portals, customer service agents do not need to answer the same queries again and again.

They can put their focus better on complex customer queries. This increases their work efficiency and boosts their productivity. 

Avail 24*7 support to customers 

Queries can arise at any point of the day. Thus, to help customers get their solutions anytime, it is crucial that the company also provides customer supports that are available all the time.

Customer Support

This can happen with the implementation of a self-service portal. These are always available on your company’s e-commerce websites. Customers can get 24*7 available customer support for their queries. 

Significantly enhances customer experience 

Maintaining an exceptional customer experience is a major aspect of a successful business. Implementation of a knowledge management-based self-service portal also has several benefits that make it a lot easier for the customers to get their issues resolved.

With the help of AI chatbots, customers can also have human-like conversations in multiple languages. These have a positive impact on the company’s customer experience. 

Collect feedback 

Lastly, it is essential to collect feedback from the customers. This can be also done through the self-service portals through feedback forms or through the AI chatbots.

Companies can also point out their strong and weak points with the help of customer feedback which can further improve their customer service. 


Summing up, it is observed that the implementation of a self-service portal also has several key benefits for the company. With the assistance of knowledge management, the company can significantly elevate the customer experience level.

That’s all about “Why are self-service portals a necessity for your e-commerce?”.  If you have any issue also feel free to raise a ticket at https://bagisto.uvdesk.com/en/


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