A comprehensive guide to language translation in Bagisto

Updated 1 April 2020

If you want to make your website easily accessible to customers in multiple languages and expand your business to a global level then language translation is imperative for your website. It will help you get more traffic and further generate sales.

By using language translation in Bagisto, you can easily localise your website for many global or regional languages. Your customer can easily translate your whole website just by a single click which also plays a major role in website SEO in the respective region.

Steps for Language Translation in Bagisto

You can easily perform language translate for both Admin dashboard and for the front-end view.

Language Translation for Admin Dashboard

First of all, you have to go to the root directory of these packages Shop, UI and Admin. In these package by default, English locale has been provided. If you want to change the language in your any language (Arabic, Persian) then do the changes in ‘en’ folder.


Shop language File Bagisto

Do the changes in right side value only for example  ‘logout’=> ‘logout’, then we have to changes done like ‘logout’=> ‘الخروج’. You do not need to change variable type word like name, order id, etc and also the word which starts with the colon like ‘:percentage’.


admin language file bagisto

same as the above process you have to do in the admin folder.



Similar steps need to be performed in the UI folder too.


Velocity Lang

Similar steps need to be performed for the velocity theme.

Language Translation for Front-End View

Kindly follow the steps as needed on the admin dashboard.

Step 1:- On Admin Sidebar, click on  Setting>>Locales>>Add Locale

Locale page Bagisto


Step 2:-  Enter the code and Name of locale (here I am taking an example of Arabic language or you can select as per your choice) and click on Save Locale.

Add locale in bagisto

Next, you need to change locale in the below main section: Products, Categories and Attributes

Language translation in bagisto


Step 3:- Under Attributes Section, click on Attributes which you want to change. Next, open selected attribute in Edit Mode. Enter the attribute name in Arabic after which click on Save Attribute.  Here I am giving an example of Attribute “Pattern“.


change attribute name


Step 4:-Under Categories Section, click on Categories. Enter the category name in Arabic and enter the description in Arabic after which click Save Category.

category in arabic


Step 5:-Under Product Section, click on  Product. Open selected product in Edit Mode and enter the product name in Arabic and Short Description in Arabic

product in arabic


Step 6:- Next, you need to set the Channels.Click on Setting>> Channels. Open the selected Channel in Edit Mode. Under Currencies and Locales

Locale:- You can select either one  or multi-select locales as per your choice.

Default Locale:- You have to set your default Locale so that if the Customer will not select any locale then it will be showing in the Default Locale set by you

Once the settings have been done, click on Save Channels. 

channel setting in bagisto


Steps to Perform on the Front End

Step 1:- At the bottom of the front end there is an option of Locale so you can select your Locale

front end

When you will select Locale in English then the front end will be visible like this:

front end in bagisto

When you will select the locale in Arabic from the front end then it will be visible like this:

front end in arabic

By following the above steps, you can easily translate the front-end and back-end of your Bagisto store. Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at https://bagisto.uvdesk.com/en/

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