Why every eCommerce must have Multi Warehouse Inventory System?

Updated 11 September 2023

Fulfilling orders of your customers with the help of multiple warehouse proves to be a win-win situation for both the customers and you for your laravel eCommerce store. Storing your product at multiple locations not only makes the shipping faster but also saves you a good fortune.

Today, when eCommerce has taken over the online shopping experience and with every company trying to push their limits for ultimate customer satisfaction, you just can’t rely on a single warehouse for order fulfilment.

Having multiple warehouse can be the very first step for your business scaling and growth. Warehouse present in different regions allows you to ship your products to the customer faster.

Importance of Multi-Warehouse Inventory System

You just can’t keep all your eggs under one basket. Having multiple warehouse, not only proves to efficient in terms of time and money but also plays a major role in covering a wide geographical area.

Let us go through the reasons why the companies go through why the companies opt for multiple warehouse:

Reduce transportation and labour costs

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The idea of having multiple warehouse is to keep them at a location from where orders can easily reach the customer in a short span of time in that geographical region.

When the distance between the product source and final destination is decreased, it cuts down the transportation cost and so is the labour cost.

Prevents Inventory Shrinkage and Lowers Risk

Having multiple warehouse always serves as a backup in case of unfortunate events occur.

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It’s always possible that sometimes, any particular warehouse of yours runs out of stock and due to natural calamity, you can ship products from other warehouses. In situations like these, other warehouses play a critical role in delivering the products to customers.

Exceptional Service Standard

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Who doesn’t want their products in their hands just in time? When you deliver products in a short span of time to your customer, you have already raised the bar of your service delivery standards.

Customers will be looking to prefer you more over others because of reduced cost and faster delivery.

New Marketing Strategies

When you have time and money by your side, you can focus on creating a good marketing strategy and generating revenue.

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You can offer a subscription with benefits like one-day delivery or maximum discount. You can also provide customers with options to deliver products as gift wrap to their loved ones at their location.

Increased Productivity

The ability to deliver products faster to the customers and that too with reduced cost increases your efficiency and productivity.

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You achieve higher returns on the investment involved in setting up the multiple warehouse. Having multiple warehouse also automate a few processes like order processing and stock control to shipping, order fulfilment and replenishment.

No Hassle in Reordering

The most critical issue eCommerce shop face is the reordering of the similar products by a large number of customers.

There can be a situation when a particular product starts dissipating from a particular warehouse and you need to make a call to the supplier to replenish it as soon as possible.


Just imagine the time it would take for the product to be replenished which could result in losing your potential customer.

Having multiple warehouses make sure that, if one warehouse shrinks, other can easily provide backup.

By this, at least your customer can easily order that same product and you get the customer satisfaction.

Why Bagisto?

Here we got a few insights why companies opt for multi warehouse inventory system. This is why Bagisto is fully equipped with multi warehouse inventory system allowing you to manage your inventory sources.

You can even create multiple channels and assign either common warehouse to all channels or particular to a channel. By setting priority among warehouses, you make sure that you have never to run out of stock.

Multi Store Inventory

Whenever the system detects stock insurgency, it automatically sets to other warehouses.  This saves your time and effort in constantly re-checking the stock.

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