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WashnDry is a well-established dry cleaning company based in Copenhagen, Denmark that has been providing high-quality services for more than 25 years.

They have built a strong reputation in the dry cleaning industry through their expertise and excellence.

WashnDry operates multiple dry cleaning facilities across the city, they cater to several prestigious 5-star hotels and well-known personalities.

dry cleaning denmark

With a team of skilled professionals, they takes can handle any challenging dry cleaning tasks.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction has been a driving force behind their success in Copenhagen.

Bagisto Development Services helped them by adding extra features and functionalities to their platform and enhanced its customer experience.

Drycleaning Market in Denmark

The dry cleaning market in Denmark is an industry that caters to the needs of both residential and commercial customers.

According to Statista, over 500 dry cleaning facilities are operating across the country, employing approximately 3,000 individuals.

dry cleaning denmark

The market is valued at around DKK 1.5 billion (approximately USD 220 million) annually.

Dry cleaning services remain in high demand, as people require professional cleaning for delicate fabrics and garments.

Copenhagen, being the capital and largest city, accounts for nearly 30% of the country’s dry cleaning market share.

What problems did Washndry face?

Washndry physical store was not making enough sales as they expected so they decided to start selling online too.

They provide many different services so they needed a website that could properly handle all of them seamlessly.

Washndry also needed a website that could support more customers and sales as their business grew bigger and bigger.

To solve these problems, Washndry chose Bagisto as their e-commerce website solution which is an open-source platform built using Laravel.

In this case study we’ll look at the features of Bagisto that helped Washndry meet its business goals.

Responsive Design

Bagisto provides a consistent and user-friendly experience that provides the customer with a shopping experience on various devices.

dry cleaning denmark

dry cleaning denmark

The customer can shop anytime anywhere regardless of the device they are using.

Catalog Management

Washndry was able to handle its catalog more easily and efficiently thanks to Bagisto.

dry cleaning denmark

The website’s integrated catalog interface guarantees that consumers can browse a wide variety of products with ease.

Multi Linguistic Features

Bagisto Multi-Lingual feature helps him to give the customer a unique and personalized experience of the website to the customer in their native languages

dry cleaning denmark

With this feature, Washndry was able to use Bulgarian on the website which helped them expand their reach in their country.

Seamless Checkout

Washndry developed the checkout procedure to improve the user’s buying experience with the help of Bagisto.

dry cleaning denmark

Customers can complete transactions securely and efficiently, enhancing the overall customer experience.

SEO Optimization

Bagisto has built-in tools to help improve a website’s ranking on search engines like Google, so more people can find the website organically when searching.

Octane Support

Bagisto supports Octane which enhances the user experience by making web pages load faster with cache management.

Faster loading times keep users engaged and interested when visiting the site.

End Note

WashnDry was able to successfully launch and grow its online dry cleaning business thanks to using the Bagisto e-commerce platform.

Key features like the responsive design, easy catalog management, multi-language support, and smooth checkout process, helped provide an excellent user experience.

This allowed WashnDry to expand its customer base beyond just its physical stores in Copenhagen.

By choosing the right e-commerce solution in Bagisto, WashnDry was able to achieve its goals of increasing sales and reaching more customers online.

The flexible and powerful Bagisto platform enabled this WashnDry dry cleaning business to modernize its operations for the digital age.


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