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Prince Jewellery is a well-known Indian jewellery store based in Chennai that specializes in a variety of fashionable ornaments.

They are known as trend-setters in jewellery design and deal with all types of gold, diamond, silver, platinum, and precious stones jewellery.

jewellery store

Their extensive jewellery collection includes wedding, lightweight, designer as well as custom-made jewellery for women.

Known for their legitimacy and authentic design they also provide many installment schemes for their products so that they are also accessible to the common man.

To expand their reach in the market, Bagisto Development Services helped them by bringing their store online to showcase their product offerings.

Gems and Jewellery Industry in India

India is a leading hub and a top exporting country for Gems and Jewellery products worldwide.

It is the largest exporter of cut and polished diamonds and second in Gold and Silver Jewellery products amounting to $38 billion in export.

According to Statista, the gems and jewellery market size was about $85 billion in 2021 and will grow to $127 billion by 2027.

jewellery store

India’s gold and diamond trade contributed about 7.5% of the GDP as of 2021 and was about 14% of total merchandise exports.

Due to the Indian Government’s Make in India initiative, the country is now also the second-largest exporter of emerging lab-grown diamonds that are high in demand.

Factors like the cultural significance of gold and silver, wedding and festive seasons and growing disposable income boosted the growth of this industry.

What problems did Prince Jewellery face?

Prince Jewellery was already operating three showrooms and one in-house manufacturing unit in Chennai, India.

They were already a renowned brand in the region and wanted to expand their business to increase their business sales.

To showcase their unique jewellery offerings nationwide they decided to open an online store.

Their requirement was to have a secure and reliable website that could manage its large product catalogue seamlessly.

Also, they wanted a website that could support more customers and sales as their business grew bigger and bigger.

They wanted their customer to have a smooth user experience while browsing their products on the website so they opted for Bagisto as their eCommerce solution.

In this case study we’ll know about how Bagisto helped Prince Jewellery to showcase their products globally and expand their business reach.

Interactive Interface

Bagisto’s well-designed and interactive interface makes visitors stay and look around the website.

jewellery store interface

This visually appealing storefront attracts customers and gives them a positive shopping experience that further enhances user engagement.

Cross-Device Compatability

Bagisto’s Responsive themes offer a dependable and user-friendly shopping experience across a range of devices for the customer.

jewellery store

jewellery store

The website works seamlessly on all devices like Mobile, Desktop, Tablets etc. as it adapts to all screen sizes.

Flexible Product Management

Bagisto’s integrated catalogue interface ensures that users can easily browse a large selection of products on the website.

jewellery store products

It helps to display and organize a wide range of products that can be filtered according to consumer demands.

Scalable Platform

Bagisto’s reliable and scalable platform can handle large online traffic making the webpage much more effective and giving a smooth experience.

product scalability

As the customer base increases on the platform its scalable architecture can handle the growth seamlessly.

SEO Optimization

Bagisto’s in-built SEO tools help the website increase its ranking on the search engine result page.

This further helps in increasing the organic traffic on the website which helps in customer generation and sales.

Octane Support

Bagisto’s Octane functionality helps in reducing the overall loading time of the website which resulted in better webpage performance.

Its advanced caching mechanism and optimised database queries help in giving a smooth user experience to customers.

End Note

Bagisto was an important contributing factor to Prince Jewellers’s scaling up in the Indian competitive e-commerce market.

It provided them with a reliable platform that met all of their requirements and enhanced their brand image among customers.

With the help of Bagisto, Prince Jewellers were able to expand their business operations globally and exponentially increase their sales.

Because of Bagisto, the online jewellery store was able to establish a solid reputation and play a significant role in Prince Jewellers’ success.

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