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Barkev’s, a luxury jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, has been creating handcrafted pieces for over 25 years.

Known for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Barkev’s prides itself on manufacturing every piece of jewelry in-house by their artisans.


With a focus on customer satisfaction, Barkev’s has developed a loyal following of clients who appreciate their unique designs and exceptional service.


As the jewelry industry continues to evolve, Barkev’s recognized the need to enhance their online presence to reach a wider audience and improve the overall customer experience.

To give clients a smooth online buying experience, the business required an eCommerce website.

Barkev’s required an online solution that could manage heavy traffic volumes and give users a smooth interface.

E-commerce in the USA

According to Statista, online purchasing and selling are all included in e-commerce, which has B2C, B2B, and C2C divisions.

Amazon is a popular player in the US market, and it is believed that retail e-commerce sales will rise significantly.

The trend of mobile shopping is expanding, and it contributes significantly to e-commerce revenue.

Mobile commerce has not changed much, despite a decline in overall online retail orders.

Direct product purchases through social media are becoming more and more common, especially among Gen Z consumers in the US.


Barkev’s turned to Bagisto, a powerful e-commerce platform that specializes in B2B and B2C solutions.

Bagisto’s advanced features and tools have helped Barkev’s improve their online store in several ways:

Attractive Design

A visually appealing and user-friendly website design is necessary to engage customers and ensure a positive experience.

Bagisto’s rich feature set and customizable options enabled Barkev’s developers to customize the website to their specifications.

Additionally, Bagisto’s responsive design made sure Barkev’s website looked good and was usable on a variety of screens and devices.

Because of its adaptability, consumers were able to shop and browse the website with ease, which improved their entire experience.

Enhanced Product Management

Bagisto’s catalog management tools made it easy for Barkev’s to display and organize its wide range of products.

Bagisto’s product management tools have allowed Barkev’s to streamline their inventory management processes, ensuring that they always have the right products in stock to meet customer demand.

They can easily add new products, manage product variants, and update product information as needed.

American eCommerce website

With Bagisto 2.0, the Admin doesn’t have to go through a variety of options as they can apply many filters on a single page.

Similarly, the admin has to fill in only the necessary information to build their product.

Multiple Extention Support

Bagisto extensions provide more capabilities that improve your website’s interaction and performance in addition to the functions that are already included.

Payment Integration

Customers may easily order things and have them delivered thanks to Bagisto’s integration with many payment gateways and delivery providers.

American eCommerce website

This can reduce friction in the buying process and improve the overall customer experience.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Bagisto’s advanced analytics and reporting tools have helped Barkev’s gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.

It allows them to make data-driven decisions that improve the overall customer experience.

They can easily track website traffic, monitor sales performance, and analyze customer feedback to identify areas for improvement.

Bagsito 2.0 allows the admin to download and see their sales, customer, and product reports as graphical displays.

Additional Feature

Bagisto development services improved their online presence by providing open-source eCommerce solutions with more features and functionality.

The platform also offers SEO-friendly solutions that can raise the website’s rating in search results.

Faster Reloading

Many factors reduce website’s loading speed, there are as follows:


In Bagisto 2.0 , Implementing Octane improves developer efficiency, accessibility, and performance, all of which contribute to a better user experience and future-proofing of your online business.

2. Full-Page Cache:

The Full-Page Cache feature of Bagisto 2.0 will completely transform your online buying experience.

Full-Page Cache feature provides you with a faster, more dependable, and pleasurable buying experience.


In summary, Barkev’s has seen significant growth and success in their online store since implementing Bagisto.

They’ve increased online sales, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced their online presence.

Bagisto’s advanced product management tools, customization features, analytics and reporting tools have all contributed to these results.

With Bagisto, Barkev’s has been able to stay ahead of the competition in the luxury jewelry industry and provide a better overall customer experience.

Thank you for studying this case study, if you want to build a similar American eCommerce website then contact the Bagisto team.

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