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Thamel Mart is a Nepalese handicrafts and wellness products store that provides the finest handmade crafts and wellness products.

The business was established in 2007 in the Thamel district of Kathmandu and provides authentic Nepali handicrafts.

Nepalese handicrafts store - Thamel Mart

Their products range from singing bowls, prayer flags, rugs, and many handicrafts such as necklaces, wall decor, prayer wheels, etc.

They take pride in promoting and preserving the traditional artistry and cultural heritage of Nepal.

Bagisto development services helped them to establish an online store to expand their business presence globally.

Handicraft Industry in Nepal

Many people in Nepal make a living by creating beautiful handmade crafts using traditional methods making the handicraft industry important in the country.

According to Statista, the revenue in the Handicraft market Segment reached US$25.39m in 2024 with an annual growth of 3%.

Handicrafts make up over 6% of Nepal’s total exports and its manufacturing businesses employ around 735,000 artisans across Nepal.

singing bowls - Nepalese handicrafts store

Major handicraft trade destinations are the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan.

The most popular Nepali handicraft products on e-commerce marketplaces are woodcarvings, metalwork, pottery,  textiles, and jewelry.

The handicraft sector in Nepal will continue to grow and employ people while preserving Nepal’s rich cultural traditions.

What were the Challenges Faced by Thamel Mart?

Thamel Mart encountered obstacles when trying to grow its business and boost overall sales through its physical store alone.

They aimed to set up a robust online platform to handle increasing customers and sales as their business expanded.

Their focus was on a platform with a user-friendly interface and effective product catalog management for a better shopping experience.

To address these issues, they made the decision to launch an online store and selected the Bagisto eCommerce  as their e-commerce solution.

This case study tells how Bagisto’s features helped Thamel Mart overcome these obstacles and establish a thriving online store.

Attractive User-Friendly Storefront

Bagisto creates an attractive and user-friendly storefront that enhances the shopping experience and encourages visitors to stay and browse.

interactive interface

It gives the sense of a genuine store that attracts many shoppers with a positive shopping experience.

Cross-Device Compatability

Bagisto provides a responsive platform design that provides the customer with a shopping experience on various devices.

mobile compatability

mobile compatability

The website works seamlessly on mobile apps, desktops, and tablets, and adapts to all screen sizes of all devices.

Catalog Management

Bagisto made it easier and more efficient for Thamel Mart to manage its catalog on its platform.

bagisto Catalog

The website’s integrated catalog layout ensures that users can easily browse a large selection of products.

Smooth Checkout Process

Bagisto provides a quicker checkout procedure, boosting Thamel Mart consumers’ online buying experiences.

This reduced checkout page lowers form fields for customers, allowing for faster purchases while shopping on their platform.

smooth checkout

Bagisto’s AI Checkout message can also be used to produce a real-time checkout message, providing customers with a more personalized experience.

SEO Optimisation

SEO optimization can help an e-commerce website rank higher on search engine result pages for relevant keywords, resulting in more organic traffic.

Unlike paid advertising, which produces rapid but temporary benefits, the effects of SEO management can build up over time.

Octane Support

The Octane Support feature from Bagisto improves the platform’s caching mechanism and optimizes database queries.

This increases website performance optimization and speeds up platform loading time, resulting in a smoother user experience.

End Note

Bagisto’s eCommerce solution has helped Thamel Mart expand its online presence significantly.

The platform’s effective order management system was important in its success and expansion.

Bagisto’s customizations increased Thamel Mart’s user experience, allowing it to compete in the handicraft and wellness market.

Bagisto’s features helped this Nepalese handicrafts store expand online while maintaining a solid reputation with its current clients.

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