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What’s new in bagisto v1.0.0?

The most awaited version has been released. This bagisto version also has new functionality and improvement. Here we will discuss what’s new in bagisto v1.0.0.

If you missed the Live Product Launch of Bagisto v1.0.0, you can still watch it here.

Here are key features will be packing in bagisto 1.0.0

More Product Types

All New Velocity Theme

With the new release of Bagisto, the velocity theme also has been introduced by which the admin can select between the default theme and the Velocity theme.

Email Notification

Install By Single Command

Just install the bagisto by “php artisan bagisto:install”

One More language Supported

We have also added one more language in bagisto that is Dutch translation. Having more than one language for your website can improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Updated Laravel Version from 5.6 to 6

To Know about what’s new in the Laravel 6 please go through the link below:-

What’s new in Laravel 6.x


Thanks for reading the blog about What’s new in bagisto 1.0.0 still, have any issue also feel free to add a ticket at

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  • Dia
    Kudos To A team for Such Awesome Project.
    Love to Buy Premium Extensions once development will be complete.
    Any News Regarding mobile app
    and Out of Box feature development for New USA Sales taxes Compliance for both marketplace facilitator and Marketplace vendors


    • saurav pathak
      Hello Dia,

      Thanks for your feedback. The development of v1.0.0 is completed and we are in the process of making the module compatible with the new version. Regarding USA Sales Tax Compliance as an out of the box feature in bagisto, this will require separate customisation to be done. You can take our customisation services for the same if you need in priority.

  • Bagisto helped us in creating this full functional, professional and user friendly web app. Bagisto has lot to offer to the developer and the user. The framework is outstanding.

    Yosseph Baruch Dolgopolsky

    Yosseph Baruch Dolgopolsky
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