Top 5 Black Friday Strategies for Retailers

Updated 28 November 2019

Black Friday is on 29 November 2019 !! Top 5 Black Friday Strategies for Retailers

The sales are already in full swing. Many retailers already launched the deals a few days earlier.

Black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019

Let’s have a close look at the “Top 5 Black Friday strategies for Retailers“. The retailer can make use of these to reach their sales target on this coming “Black Friday“.

Black Friday become very popular in Europe in recent years. Every year Black Friday sales reach a new peak as more retailers and countries are participating in the famous American style shopping mania.

In 2018, Thanksgiving Day brought in $3.7 billion in online sales, and for Black Friday, $6.2 billion.

Black Friday in 2018!

Black Friday online sales were $18B in the United States in 2018, whereas customers spend over $50B in retail sales. However, the United Kingdom led European retail sales by spending £7.8 billion

Why Black Friday Is a Big Deal Day For The Retailers

Black Friday 2018, was the most popular shopping day of Thanksgiving Weekend.

In 2018, the customers were available from many different ways to shop. Moreover, 89 million consumers have done the shopping from both online and offline stores, raising the bar from 2017 by more than 40%.

As shown in the below image, online revenue has increased over the last 10 years, and in 2017 it jumped to $2.36 billion up from $1.97 billion in 2016.

black friday spend

source: statistics

Which Countries Consumers Spend the Most on Black Friday?

As per the report, in 2018 the average consumer spending about 515 U.S. dollars in the United States on Black Friday. However, the Indian consumer’s spending was 70 U.S. dollars on Black Friday.

balck friday spend


Top 5 Black Friday Strategies for Retailers

1. Offer Exciting or Additional Benefits

As a Retailer, You might be thinking Black Friday is all about giving Discounts to the customer.

Up to some extent you are right, but it does not make a difference. However, if everybody is discounting their products, try to provide some additional benefits to your customers to get maximum sales on this Black Friday.

To optimize your sales manage all your store order wisely

Black Friday is a perfect time to go beyond the discounts and offer extra benefits to your consumers, such as free shipping, returns, or extra cashback.

Extra Discount on Black Friday

Black Friday Discount

And this will cost you “Zero”. Moreover, the customer will be bound to do their future shopping from your site.

2. Use Surprising Elements

Everyone likes surprises because surprises are exciting and create curiosity.

However, this plays an important role while using correctly.

Nowadays, every online retailer using the common subject line by offering discounts on this Black Friday.

Sliders are used to gain the attention of the visitors within a second and in this Black Friday make most use of them

At the same time, there are many successful online retailers who know the magic of surprising elements.

The well-known brand those who are busy in this Black Friday inboxes to their customers and get their emails opened.

Instead of telling to their customers that they will receive some amount of discounts or percent off. They tease their Black Friday offer by asking their customers “are you excited to get a big discount.

Surprising Elements

Black Friday Offers

3. Make Your Sale Unforgettable

Might be you are all set for this coming Black Friday. Also, your online store may have the best deals and the fastest shipping options.

But you are not the only one who is making these claims.

However, every retailer is planning to get the attention of maximum prospects, the competition becomes tough during the Black Friday.

This Black Friday, go multi-channel by selling products from website, POS and mobile devices

It’s not easy for the customer to make the buying decisions. They have to search for the best deal with the best product, so, they can buy their favorite goods.

This time make your sale unforgettable for your customers on this Balck Friday.

Make new strategies before Black Friday, send your subscribers email and help them to “be prepared.

Save The Date Black Friday 2019

Save The Date Black Friday 2019

4. Be Ready for Next Promotion

Many retailers start Black Friday sales before Friday to get customer attention. However, it does not end on Friday.

If you want to serve your customer not only on Friday even after also, then be ready with your next campaign for Cyber Monday.

Using bagisto Cart Rules/Promotions feature, online retailer can easily manage offers and discounts on their eCommerce website. 

The online retailers can start promotions for Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year Holiday to get the attention of their prospects and make them engaged with their brand.

Cyber Monday 2019

Black Friday Sale Extended

5. Use the Strategy of limited-time window

As per the study, 94% of the total customer takes time to find our the cheapest products.

As an online retailer, you might have to create a sense of urgency in your Black Friday ads such as temporary sales and coupon codes.


Last day of black Friday week

Last day of Black Friday week


Black Friday is not a battle of the maximum customer, Black Friday & Cyber Monday is the battle of getting maximum customer attention.

Make your strategies and implement them successfully to win this Black Friday.


With Bagisto, you can easily create your own eCommerce website in few minutes and get going


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