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Laravel Point Of Sale

Laravel is a perfect choice for eCommerce development and offers exquisite POS features.  It’s an open source framework based on PHP used for constructing web application and is famous for its impressive accessibility and robust features.

Laravel eCommerce Point of Sale

Some exceptional features of Laravel include durability, convenient, and reliable support which attracts many industries and developers towards Laravel.

Built on MVC architecture, Laravel offers integrity to make the every light concept automated in any project.  It has also paved the way in the creation of true Laravel eCommerce framework like Bagisto

Bagisto is a kind of Multi-warehouse/Multisource Inventory Management eCommerce framework. This feature makes it very unique in the case of inventory and stock management.

Inventory split is one of the key feature of Point Of Sale system.

A Point Of Sale (POS) is a place where the consumer completes the payment for products and services. It is the spot where the retail transaction concludes.

According to the survey, 46% of companies spend less than $1500 per year. POS Terminals Market will reach Worth $116.06 Billion By 2025.

Source: Capterra

Some Point of Sale system is often called the “Retail Management System”. Point of Sale comes with functionality such as inventory management, supplier record, and issue of sale orders.

Although it is known as, “POS system” rather than “Retail Management System”.

Nowadays, many technologies have started offering Point Of Sale solution like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, BigCommerce, and PrestaShop.

What are the key factors for Laravel POS?

At the Point Of Sale(POS), Customer purchases the goods and services. Later on, the retailer prepares an invoice for the purchase and provides an option to make the payment.

After the complete transaction, the retailer provides the receipt to the consumer for the purchased goods.

Nowadays, we can see the different example of Point Of Sale(POS) around us. A point of sale is the combination of the POS software and a POS terminal that provides the services like handling transactions, inventory management, and customer loyalty programs.

Point Of Sale terminal is also relevant for the offline retail shops which handle all the retail transaction. We can see the different example of the POS near us.

Retail POS:

A Retail POS system includes a computer monitor, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and debit/credit card reader to manage the cash register. In a retail business, the POS system handles the sales.

The retail point of sale System handles other functions like inventory control, purchasing, receiving and transferring products from other locations.

Restaurant POS:

A Restaurant POS system basically helps the operators to prepare the orders and maintain the payment control for his business. Restaurant POS manages the stock control, reporting & analytics, and customer relationship management.

Grocery POS:

Grocery store POS system helps the merchants to maintain the record of the goodspayments, and keep the employee record.

It includes the computer system and software that tracks transactions, credit/debit card readers, and other peripheral devices like a cash drawer.

With it, a retailer can track and manage all records of the customer including the goods as purchased by him.

Fashion POS:

Fashion store POS helps the retailers to hold down the inventories, customers, order, and payment. A fashion POS provides the convenience to integrate the online payment, E-wallets, and credit/ debit card.

A retailer can manage employee record, product record and can update the products.

Salon POS:

A Salon POS system assists the shopkeepers to manage the appointment, inventory, online booking & payroll, and commission management.

Offline POS:

Nowadays eCommerce is not limited to online selling only. It also covers offline selling as well. In this scenario, POS plays a very crucial role.

The Offline POS machine works on the offline cache. An Offline POS facilitate the cross-channel purchase, promotions, returns, and marketing.

Example: You can also use the offline POS away from your network and it can perform the basic transaction processing functions while disconnected from the server. Once the Offline POS device will reconnect with the server, it will update all the data in the system.

Why Laravel Inventory split is required for POS?

With the eCommerce Inventory Split, you can split the inventory among different Warehouses and accomplish the product stocks at each warehouse. For managing product stocks efficiently, every retailer needs to split their inventory.


The retailer can track and manage the products into these inventory with the eCommerce Inventory Split.

Inventory split requires multi-warehousing and without it, a scalable Laravel POS solution is hard to build. Let me explain everything in an example.

Imagine, a retailer A is running an online shop at — Also, the same retailer has bricks and mortar shops at various locations. With the Inventory split, the retailer can easily manage the store and track the goods at those locations.

So what is the problem?

A merchant always has problems investigating the product list and matching with the actual log. Apart from this, there is a problem in maintaining the cash registers traditionally.

POS system performs automatic inventory management. A retailer can split the inventory into different warehouses and can track the inventory when the stock is running low.

Problem is at various locations, for the same product stock value can be different. Example:

So the retailer can check that for the same SKU P1 various stock is possible based on different location and POS terminal.

Why Laravel E-commerce ( Bagisto ) is best suited for POS development?

Inventory Split is the critical feature for Point Of Sale system. Beyond that, there are other stacks which are important.

Strong Inventory Management

Laravel eCommerce Bagisto provides a strong inventory management feature. In traditional approaches, a retailer has to monitor their product stock on a single inventory on a regular basis. The process is a long and very time-consuming process.

Now with the Bagisto POS, you can easily automate the inventory management process. It tracks the inventory, enables you to create the purchase order and maintain the records of the inventory.

Easy Returns

Bagisto POS makes the product returns process easier by retrieving the customer purchase history. It becomes easier to find the product information when he purchased and for how much cost.

Better Payment Option

Managing the cash flow in the business is one of the top advantages for any business. It plays a very significant role in providing different payment option to the customer. In Laravel/Bagisto POS, a customer can pick the payment option as credit/debit card, Cash and UPI.

Easy Tracking

Using the Bagisto/Laravel POS, it is easy to check on past activities. At the time of purchase, the retailer can save the customer information. This comes in very handy during an inspection or when following up on a customer complaint.

It is also very useful in the promotion of the products, advertising, and implements the reward programs for increasing sales.

Bagisto (Laravel based eCommerce platform ) is built on Vue.js as well. Vue.js is by far the most popular javascript framework in the world.

Vue focuses on making ideas in Web UI development more approachable. Bagisto/Laravel highlights an incrementally adoptable architecture.

Laravel & Vue.js Ecommerce

It also provides the advanced feature like routingstate management, and build tooling. Laravel offers support for PWA based architecture as well.

PWA(Progressive Web Apps) uses the HTML, JavaScript in co-ordination with Laravel to provide a first class native-like experience for the user.

PWA helps users and merchants to deliver fast, pleasant, and reliable mobile web experiences. It works also when the user is offline or using an unstable network.

Laravel MultiChannel E-Commerce selling

Laravel Multichannel e-commerce selling Inventory split is not limited to point of sale only. It is also possible that the same product is being sold at various channels and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

By selling the product on multiple channels, a merchant can boost its sales as well as it helps him in the brand recognition. A Seller can integrate multiple channels to sell the product in Bagisto.

Point of sale


In Bagisto, the retailer can construct a separate inventory source for each channel so that he can track the products in each source.

Inventory split support that part as well. Bagisto (Laravel based e-commerce platform ) is best suited for the high-end multichannel enterprise eCommerce.

Contact us for the Laravel based Point Of sale System. If you want to flourish your eCommerce application with newer things, do check on for Bagisto. Please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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  • collin miller
    Thanks for sharing I have done my research I found Magespacex PWA POS more useful .
    Magespacex Pos took my attention because it has great app like experience.
    You can try and let me know .
    • saurav pathak
      Hi Collin,

      Greetings for the day!!!

      Thank you for sharing the info. However, I just looked that Magespacex is a Magento based POS. It’s certainly is good but do watch out for Laravel POS system that Bagisto is coming up with soon. Laravel is the most widely used web framework and with Bagisto, the opensource laravel eCommerce framework, customisations are going to be much easier than ever before, so are the uses.

  • Alisha Ross
    Omg thank youuu I can’t stop watching your videos because you are so amazing and I subscribed to you and turned on notifications awhile ago but I never really explored all your videos and your channel is the best I relate to you so much bc I know what it feels like to not want to spend 50$+ on 1 item just bc it’s trendy. Thank you this video is so help full and you can expect me to be viewing and commenting on your other vids soon as well ⭐️💋😁
    Ross Alisha
    • saurav pathak
      Hi Ross,

      Greetings for the day!!!

      Thank you for your feedback and we will keep coming up with more videos on Bagisto. Do let us know us if you come across any query on bagisto anytime.

      • Alisha Ross
        Hi Saurav, Is shopify only for companies who drop ship? I keep seeing that everywhere. what if we have the product on hand and want to have a website that has a shipping cart, but we want to ship to them?
        Please let me give proper information about this. And i’ll be waiting for your marvelous reply..Thanks
        Ross Alisha
        • saurav pathak
          Hi Ross,

          Well, I can’t tell of Shopify but certainly, Bagisto is not only for the companies who drop ship. If you have a product in hand, so If I am right it’s more like you have your own warehouse where you manage the inventory of the products. So if you have your own inventory, then customers can come on your bagisto store, purchase the product, and then you can ship the products directly to the customers.

          Let me know if this solved your query or there something else you want to clarify on your question.

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