Virtual Try on-Augmented Reality Impacts on Industries.

Updated 23 September 2022

Virtual Try-on:-

– Augmented reality provides a Virtual try option which eases the customer to try the products before actual purchase. The customer can try the product through mobile or any other device which is equipped with a camera.

Therefore, the customer can try on products such as Clothes, jewelry, and glasses using their cell phone or any camera-equipped device.

This technology makes the user more attached and personal with the brands and gives a better overall user experience to visit again to the same shop virtually.

Virtual Try-on Makeup Solution | AR Beauty Try-on App

Virtual Try-on Makeup Solution

Benefits of Virtual Try-on:-

Importance & Need for Virtual Try-on:-

The concept of virtual try-on is becoming very popular and demanding this day. The E-Commerce industry is using this AR technology very effectively and which helps them to attract customers as they can try it on before the purchase. This technology helps the customer also to know how the product exactly looks on them.

Virtual try-on is the advancement of technology to ease both the customer and store owner. It is quite simple for the customer to use the product virtually and purchase it if it is suitable.

It also helps the store owner sell out the products virtually and quickly. Also, the refund/return cases are very less.

In the recent past, virtual try-on in Augmented reality technology spiked in the eCommerce market as most people are facing a lockdown situation due to COVID-19 across the globe. This technology helps them to get the products with real-time experience without going anywhere.

Industries using virtual try-on primarily:- 

  1. Fashion & Clothing
  2. Sunglasses & Cosmetic
  3. Furniture
  4. Shoes
  5. Tattoos and many more…

Virtual try-on fashion industry: 

In the recent past couple of years, the fashion industry is crazy about virtual try-on functionality. The customer uses their cell phone to check and purchase the products virtually.

Some of the companies mentioned below are reliable in the technology for their business:- 

1. Sunglass Industry:

Lenskart, one of the biggest brands in glasses offers virtual try-on for their customer in easy steps. They will capture the image of the customer, find the exact size of your face, and then provide you with certain options which are most suitable to your face.
There are a few more examples in the segment such as Eyeconic & Bunnyeyez

2. Fashion Industry:-

The fashion industry is one of the biggest segments which is using virtual try-on technology to ease their customer below are some examples.

In the recent past, amazon has also introduced virtual try on the product “Shoes”. They are making online purchases easy for their customer.
It offers an interactive mobile experience that helps the customer to visualize the pair of shoes from every angle in easy steps.

Also, Flipkart launches a virtual try-on of their beauty products and they have succeeded well.

In this way, there are many more examples in the fashion industry which are using virtual try-on with the products for the ease of assessment of the products and quick selling.

Moreover, not only big companies but there are small enterprises that switched to different advancements in technology and enhance their sales by engaging more customers.

Virtual try-on || Big thing in retail eCommerce

3. Furniture:

Designhubz is one of the most successful companies which is using virtual try-on for their product. The User can browse the products online using the application and then further scan the expanse of the room through a device and can point to the desired spot in the room to drag and drop the selected product onto the space.

How augmented reality furniture "try ons" can improve online sales - Poplar  Studio


We have also introduced virtual try-on with our pre-built product “Bagisto“, which is built on Laravel and Vue.js

Bagisto is adapting to the advancement in technology in AR commerce which means Augmented reality technology in e-Commerce so that we can provide our customers with different options and benefits of the technology.

We have also integrated our platform Bagisto with the virtual try-on and you can check our video link for a better understanding
Video link:

Also, you can check our page for more details and also reach us if you want to start a project:

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