How to start a Jewellery Marketplace

Updated 2 December 2019

A Jewellery marketplace is an eCommerce marketplace where customers can buy jewellery online. How to start a Jewellery Marketplace

However, the concept of Jewellery marketplace is attractive because the customers do not have to go to the physical store to buy the jewellery.

Now they can get jewellery easily in their homes including all the certificates that are necessary for genuine jewellery. This is how a Jewellery Marketplace looks like:-

How to start a jewellery marketplace


Some examples are as follows:-

Create an attractive jewellery marketplace in Bagisto by using the multivendor marketplace extension.

According to the reports, there will be a great rise in the jewellery online market by 2020

How to start a Jewellery Marketplace


How to start Jewellery Marketplace

For the best results and better customer satisfaction, several factors are necessary for a jewellery marketplace such as:-

Product customizer

Product customizer lets the user’s to add various variants for the product. By using custom file uploads, dropdowns, text inputs, radio buttons, and checkbox options, you can also sell personalized and custom products. Customers can customize the products according to their requirements. How to start a Jewellery Marketplace

By using the custom attribute module the sellers can also add custom attributes for their products.


How to start a Jewellery Marketplace

In the case of jewellery marketplace, giving your customers the option to order jewellery with their own unique designs increases your profit margins even more.

Colour Swatches

Colour swatches also a very important feature by which customers can select the colour of the product according to their requirements.

how to start a jewellery marketplace

Colour swatches can also be used in Bagisto while creating the products.

CDN support

CDN(Content Delivery Network) is very important for any type of eCommerce website to minimize the delay of loading the pages due to lots of images.

It helps users around the world to view the same high-quality content without slowing down the loading time. 

How to start a Jewellery Marketplace

Mobile UI

The UI of mobile includes looks and feel of the app i.e the interaction of the app with the users. It has lots of impact on users.

However, for the success of any eCommerce business making use of a mobile app is very necessary to provide the best experience to the users.

Create a PWA in Bagisto for the eCommerce websites with the PWA module.

However, this will leads the best user experience and also helps to increase the sales of the eCommerce business. 

How to start a Jewellery Marketplace


Loads of specification

If there is a huge quantity of products it becomes quite frustrating to upload products one by one as it takes more time to upload products.

Introducing PIM can be very beneficial to upload a huge quantity of products. 

The main benefits are as follows:-

how to start a jewellery marketplace

Jewellery Certificate

This is the most important factor in the case of jewellery. The Jewellery certificate provides all the essential information regarding the quality of the diamond and gems used and metal content used in the jewellery.

In other words, this also provides a detailed description of its key characteristics.

Such as so-called 4Cs: Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. Grading reports and certificates are mostly issued by internationally reputed and recognized gemological laboratories.

How to start a Jewellery Marketplace

Customizable seller registration form with all those certificate and validation

Similarly, in the case of Jewellery marketplace, jewellery registration form for the seller is very important. 

In addition, this should also include the certificates and validation of a certified seller(Jeweller).

Therefore, customers can trust the sellers.

Reviews with images

This is also none of the vital factors that are responsible for the success of an eCommerce website. Reviews and images play an important role for the customers.

Online reviews are so important to businesses because they ultimately increase sales.

In other words, by providing the customer feedback along with the product images the marketplace prospective customer can easily make the buying decisions.  

how to start a jewellery marketplace

Integration with social media

Moreover, social media also plays an important role to run any business successfully.

Based on the latest data, there are around 2.03 billion active social media users in the world, of which there are 1320 million Facebook users alone.

However, integration with social media will also increase the popularity and visibility of an eCommerce marketplace.

In Conclusion, to getting the maximum customer you also have to expend the product reach.

how to create a jewellery marketplace

Select eCommerce platform

It is one of prime step to use the platform that suits your requirements. There are several platforms like Magento, BagistoShopifyPrestashop, and many others also.

You can also use the platforms that are based on Laravel for faster development and easy customisation like AvoRed, Aimeos, Bagisto.

How to create a jewellery marketplace

How to create a Jewellery marketplace like

To create an online shop like you must create a multivendor eCommerce website where various vendors can assemble to sell their products.

An Online Marketplace is one of the rising business in today’s world and also has a great future further this comes under the Horizontal e-marketplace.

One of the rising eCommerce platform based on laravel is Bagisto and by using the Multivendor marketplace module you can easily create a marketplace.

The main features of Multivendor marketplace module are as follows:-

Admins End:-

  • Access on sellers profile, products, and orders.
  • The admin can also manage inventory settings.
  • Admin can also approve and disapprove any transactions.
  • Review approval
  • Admin can also enable or disable the products.
  • Can choose auto-approval or not.
  • Admin can update or delete sellers profile also.

Sellers End:-

  • Management of product from a dedicated dashboard.
  • Seller branding also for the vendors.
  • Transparency between customers and sellers.
  • Sellers can add multiple images for the products.
  • Can add new products and add existing products.
  • Seller Can also add special pricing.
  • Edit Shop URL, Shop image, and also the details for the shop.

For further details about Multivendor marketplace please go through the video below:-



Thus this article was a complete guide about “how to start the Jewellery Marketplace” for any kind of support also raise a ticket at

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