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How to Create Product Attribute in Bagisto?

An Attribute is a specification or characteristics of a product for example Color, Size, Pattern are an attribute of T-Shirt. You can as create many attributes for a single product. Product Attribute plays a major factor in buying decision of the Customer.

How to Create a Product Attribute in Bagisto?

To Create Bagisto Attributes, open the Admin Panel and then follow the below step

Add Attributes

Click on Catalog>>Attributes>>Add Attributes.


Attribute creation in bagisto

Attribute Types

Enter Attribute code and select Attribute Type.


Bagisto Attributes


Attribute Code:- Enter Attribute Code to identify Attribute

Attribute Type:- There are various attribute types as available in Bagisto such as Text, Textarea, Price, Boolean, Select, Multi-select, DateTime, Date

Text attribute in bagsto

Product Page:-

text attribute in bagisto


Front End:-

text attribute in bagisto


Product Page:-

text area in bagisto

Front End:-

front end area text in bagisto

Product Page:-

Price attribute in bagisto

when you will set the special price for a product for a specific date, then your special price will be visible on the front end as per the set date. Here, I have set a special price from 18-02-2019 to 25-02-2019.

Front End:-

front end price in bagsito


Product Page:-

Boolean Attribute type


Front End:-

bboolean attribute in bagisto


Select Option in bagisto

Product Page:-

Select attribute type in bagisto


Front End:-

select attribute in bagisto


multiselect attribute in bagsito


Product Page:- To select the multiple options, hold the Ctrl key and down and click each option which you want to set

Multiselect attribute in bagisto

Front End:-

Multiselect Attribute


datetime attribute in bagisto

Product Page:-

 datetime attribute in bagisto

Front End:-

datetime attribute in bagisto


date attribute in bagisto

Product Page:- select date from the calendar

date attribute in bagisto

Front End:-

date attribute in bagisto

bagisto image attribute type

Product Page:-

You can upload the image from the product page and you can also delete the uploaded image.

image attribute type in bagisto

Front End:-

You can click on image to zoom the image

images attribute type in bagisto

file type attribute in bagisto

Product page:-

You can upload the file from the product page and you can also delete the uploaded file.

file type attribute in bagisto

Front End:-

Customer can click on the arrow to download the file.

File type attribute in bagisto

checkbox attribute

Product Page-  click each option which you want to set.

product page checkbox

Front End:-

Front end for checkbox attribute

Note:- Only difference between multi-select and checkbox type attribute is, we can use multi-select for huge numbers option and checkbox for a few numbers of option.



Click on Label, enter the value of Admin and in English

label in bagisto


Click on  Validations to set the Attribute Validation Properties.

validation in bagisto

is required bagisto


is unique in bagisto

  1. Number
  2. Decimal
  3. Email
  4. URL

for example, if you set the attribute in email validation then the value should be in email format, else error will be displayed on the product page

input validation in bagisto


Click on Configuration and set the configuration of the attribute.

After doing all the configuration, click Save Attribute to finally create the attribute.

save attribute in bagisto

By following the above steps, you can easily create a Product Attribute in Bagisto. Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at https://bagisto.uvdesk.com/en/

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We have built Bagisto extensions and its a great experience. With great scope of customization and scalability its really awesome to work on Bagisto, very easy to install and clean code is one of the best features of Bagisto.

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