Top 5 key features of Multichannel eCommerce

Updated 8 July 2021

The rise of technology in the last few years has brought an extensive change in the world with eCommerce becoming a defacto standard of shopping. Here we will discuss some key features of multichannel eCommerce.

What is Multichannel eCommerce?

Multichannel eCommerce is the technique to sell the products from more than one place online. The strategy of selling products in different eCommerce channels can also increase the sales of the products and grow your business exponentially.

Top 5 key features of Multichannel eCommerce

Below we have discussed the most important features of multichannel eCommerce that you should be aware of.

Inventory Management

Assigning inventory to multiple channels is very important so that products are available for each channel. Inventory management should also be organized in such a manner that the out of stock situation in the channels should be minimized.

Sellers should also get the notification about the low stock in the inventories that have been assign for the channels so that the product management across the inventories can be done properly.

top 5 Multichannel eCommerce features

Product Data Management

Product data management should be done in a manner that the platform is not affected while uploading or modifying the product data and information.

To make it easy and reduce the data traffic you can also make use of the PIM platform to manage a large amount of product information and distribute it through various channels and respective sales.

You can easily translate the information about the products according to the Locales and can be exported through the channels. You can make use of platforms like Akeneo that carry all the requirements of a desirable PIM platform. Akeneo provides better Product Information Management.


features of multichannel commerce

Digital Asset Management

It is a very important step to store all the marketing content such as images, videos, and other multimedia assets and these can be searched and distributed according to the requirements. This is an also very cost-effective technique because it offers faster saving, searching and distributing the marketing artworks and content.

DAM ensures that all the assets are perfectly stored so that the data never get lost and the nice thing is duplicated are eliminated so space is also saved.

Some of the popular DAM software are Bynder, QBank

, Asset Bank, ImageDirector, MediaBeacon, Brandfolder, etc.

Robust API

The APIs are the very vital assets for the better functionality of any application. A Robust API allows easy sharing of data with the application’s user and other systems with great access.

Developers can also add new features in it.

Some of the main features of Robust API in the market place may be like:-

GraphQL APIs are more scalable and is better as compared to the RESTful API. It checks the query and fetches the data as per required. It is the modern way of building and querying APIs which has the following advantages:

If there is a strong API for the eCommerce website the response will be automatically better.


top 5 features of a multichannel ecommerce


Smooth Delivery and Return

To win the customers trust is the key step for an eCommerce website that must follow the following credentials

Multi-channel eCommerce is for sure is the future of online business. More and more business are now going multi-channel to expand their business on the global platform.


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