Escalation in eCommerce and how they are affecting the Warehousing industry?

Updated 5 January 2021

eCommerce has been growing at a ravishing pace this past decade, with thousands of retail stores selling their products online. In this article, we will see”Escalation in eCommerce and how they are affecting the Warehousing industry?”

While this had made customers accustomed to waiting for longer durations for their shipments to reach them; especially in the case of oversea products.

Inventory Management

Good inventory management is all about the constant and smooth flow of goods in just the right quantity. Being unable to access the market demand of a product can result in deadstock, stockouts or backorders.

While the excess product stored in a warehouse will take up space on the shelves and pallets which can be used for other in-demand products, the product management also has to indulge in the cost of storing the product securely.

Escalation in recent eCommerce trends and how they are affecting the Warehousing industry?

This issue may range from a dishonest employee stealing or misplacing goods to goods destroyed in a fire. Nevertheless, a range of security solutions become a necessity for managing the inventory.

Efficient Operations

While there are hundreds of ways to get work done, only one can make the most of it. It becomes crucial for warehouses to realize what the most efficient way of carrying out a task is, to ensure timely processing, shipping and delivery.

With the absurd growth in eCommerce and the adoption of same-day delivery by big retailers, smaller businesses to have to buckle up their operations if they intend to stay relevant in the market.

or reactive goods, while maintaining the safety standards for employees is one of the major concerns of warehouses today.

Major concerns for online retailers

Secure storage

Being a storehouse for a number of different types of products, warehouses need to be safe. Not only is there a need to monitor the activities of employees but also regulate the temperature and humidity levels of the warehouse.

The warehouses also need protection from external and internal threats like theft, robbery, vandalism, pilferage and the like.

Secure operations

It is the responsibility of owners of the warehouse to ensure that safety of all the personnel and inventory along with maintaining the efficiency of operations.

Using cameras and sensors, retailers can monitor the activities of the employees and ensure that all the operations and commodities are in a safe and secure manner.

Inability to do so can cause negligence of duties, injuries, inventory shrinkage or inefficient operations.

Product tracking

The movement and location of a product inside a warehouse can help management keep track of where a product is, and if there is a delay, it becomes easier to identify the point of deviation.

Retailers are using RFID tags and cameras to monitor their product. These are useful in keeping track of the inventory and stock requirements.

Forecasting volume of products and demand for labour

Forecasting market demand for products.No retailer wants an excess of a product that nobody wants. Neither does a retailer enjoy being out of stock when the demand for a commodity is exceptionally high; owing to the fact these instances can affect the overall sales of an enterprise.

Recording inbound and outbound shipment

Inbound and outbound logistics are necessary to keep a systematic record of all the assets that have entered or left the warehouse. Along with assisting in tracking the movement into and out of the warehouse, these processes keep customers updated

Recent eCommerce Trends that have made warehousing easier

This fast-growing industry of eCommerce and its equally fast-expanding need for warehouses requires a warehouse security system that not only ensures the secure and efficient processes in the facility but also has scope for growth as well.

Scalable video surveillance systems, with real-time alerts and AI-enabled analytics, are for the easy functioning of warehouses.

This is all about “Escalation in eCommerce and how they are affecting the Warehousing industry?”

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