How does eCommerce shipping works?

Updated 29 November 2019

eCommerce shipping carries all the services that are embodied to transport the product purchased online to the customers delivery destination. Here we will get to know in detail on how does eCommerce shipping works.

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How does eCommerce shipping works?

Order Processing:- This includes the set of activities needs to process the order that is made by the customer. 

Shipping Logistics:- To grow the business of an eCommerce there should be a nice shipping service to meet customer’s satisfaction in a very fast and in an effective way to deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep.

Shipping API and its importance

API plays an important role in communication between two programs API works as a bridge that brings the program together and allows them to exchange data in a safe and secure manner.

It gives the eCommerce store to integrate with the shipping functionality.

Shipping APIs enable the user to integrate order tracking information into your mobile app or website, an email, or a text message. Each time the package status changes the API will provide the update to the customer regarding the order.

The main features that API provides are:-

How does Shipping Logistics work?

If the customer selects the premium delivery option, the shipping logistics will deliver the product to the customer’s address.

how shipping works in eCommerce


The shipping logistics take care of the following factors before delivering the package to the customer:-

Calculating the Shipping Cost

The shipping costs may vary on various conditions like the Dimensions of the package, The weight of the package, Shipping service and Shipping zones.

Dimensional Weight

Some of the major shipping carriers used dimensional weight (DIM) technique to calculate the shipping costs. USPS, FedEx, and UPS calculate shipping charges based on whichever is greater.

Shipping Labels

Shipping label carries useful information like the origin and the delivery address of the package, package weight, shipping class, and also tracking number so that the package cannot be lost, delayed or mismatched.

You can also integrate Aramex shipping for the eCommerce store created in Bagisto.

How to ship a product using the shipping carriers?

The first step is to create an account on the website of the shipping logistics let us take the example of the Aramex shipping.

The Shipper need to click on the Prepare Shipment where the shipper need to fill the following details:-

Shipper Details:-

The shipper needs input all the details regarding the shipper such as name, address, contact no.

How shipment works in eCommerce


Receiver Details

The shipper needs to input all the details of the receiver where the package need to be delivered.

how shipping works in eCommerce

Shipment Details

how shipping works in eCommerce

Here the shipper needs to fill the information regarding the shipment such as type of content in shipment, the weight of the package, dimensions of the package, etc.

Payment Method

The Shipper can select the payment method according to the requirements.

how shipping works in eCommerce

Service Type

The type of shipping service can be selected here such as by air, by road and ocean. The shipper can also select the additional services like Shield, morning delivery and return also.

how shipping works in ecommerce

Confirm Shipping

Thus after checking and accepting all the conditions the seller just needs to click on confirm.

how shipping works in eCommerce


By clicking on the print shipment label the shipment label will be generated that carries all the important information regarding the package.

how shipping works in eCommerce

The shipping label printed from the Aramex shipping will look like shown below:-

how shipping works in eCommerce

Once the shipping label is generated, the shipper has to paste this over the package for successful delivery.

The delivery man will then pick up the package from the shipper’s address and the further process will begin until the package is received by the receiver.

What is a Shipping label?

The shipping label carries all the essential information about the package that will be stick over the package.

The shipping label carries information like Shipper’s name and address, Receivers name and address, Contact number, Shipment information like the weight of the package, Chargeable weight, Description of good, Tracking ID along with the bar code. 

Below is the example of a shipping label:-

how shipping works in eCommerce

To know more about how to generate a shipping label on eBay please go through the video below:-


Some times the customer also need to return the product. In this case, the receiver needs to follow the same steps as mentioned above.

The receiver will generate the shipping label to return the package that contains all the information regarding the package such as Origin address, Return address, Tracking ID, Weight and Dimension of the product etc. such as Origin address, Return address, Tracking ID, Weight and Dimension of the product etc.

how shipping works in eCommerce

The Shipping service will pick up the package again and will return it back to the sender.


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