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Maktaba Tul Madina is an Indian Islamic publisher that aims to spread Islamic teachings by publishing Islamic books and booklets.

They work to make Islamic knowledge accessible to Muslims across the world through their publications in multiple languages.

While most of their books are in Urdu, Hindi, and Gujarati languages, they also have some titles available in English, Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil.

Indian Islamic Publisher

They have also opened branches in different countries to serve the Muslim community speaking various languages.

The company publishes books on different topics like religion, health, and fitness which change a person’s lifestyle approach.

Bagisto Development Services helped it expand its reach in the Muslim community by taking its store online.

Publication Industry in India

According to Statista, “The publication industry in India is huge as it publishes around 90,000 books every year in about 40 different languages.

The Indian book eCommerce marketplace was valued at over $3.9 billion in 2020 and is growing steadily.

Within this industry, there has been an increase in demand for Islamic books and publications in recent years.

islamic books

This demand is being driven by India’s Muslim population of over 200 million, which is the second-largest Muslim population in the world.

With rising incomes and education levels, more Muslim families are able and willing to spend on religious books.

There has been a high demand for Islamic books especially those guiding for leading an Islamic lifestyle in the modern world.”

What Challenges did Maktaba Tul Madina Face?

Maktaba Tul Madina’s business was not growing as much as they expected so they decided to start an online store.

However, they needed a platform that could manage their large number of products easily.

Also, this platform needed to be highly reliable and scalable to ensure a seamless experience for customers browsing on the platform.

They also wanted the platform to make it simple for customers to find the products they are looking for.

As they planned to grow their business over time, they needed customization in the website that could handle more customers and sales.

To quickly get their online store up and running with a robust solution, Maktaba Tul Madina  chose to implement Bagisto eCommerce extension as its solution

In this case study, we will see how Bagisto helped Maktaba Tul Madina achieve their e-commerce goals to support their business growth and expansion.

Advance Product Filter Management

Bagisto provides an advanced catalog that categorizes a large collection of publications, allowing customers to easily find the exact books that they need.

maktaba filter

This helps in increasing sales as readers are often willing to pay more price for titles that precisely match their interests.

Mobile Responsiveness

Bagisto provides Maktaba Tul Madina’s customers with a mobile responsive and hassle-free shopping experience across mobile apps on devices, desktops, and tablets.

mobile responsive

mobile responsive

Readers can browse and purchase publications regardless of the device, ensuring access to Islamic literature anytime, anywhere.

RTL Compatability

Bagisto’s right-to-left (RTL) language support gives customers a personalized experience using RTL scripts like Arabic and Urdu.

Indian Islamic Publisher

This enables Maktaba to cater to diverse linguistic customers, especially within the Muslim community.

Smooth Checkout Process

Bagisto’s streamlined checkout process enhances the user experience for customers by reducing form fields which allows for quicker purchases.

maktaba checkout

The user-friendly checkout flow provides a superior shopping experience, encouraging customers to complete transactions seamlessly.

Built-in SEO Tools

SEO Optimisation is crucial for elevating an online store’s visibility on search engine results pages for relevant keywords.

These built-in SEO tools can attract more organic traffic from potential customers actively searching for such content.

Octane Support

Bagisto’s Octane Support feature enhances the platform’s caching system and optimizes database queries.

This performance optimization results in faster loading times for websites, ensuring a seamless user experience for customers browsing online.

Scalable Support

Bagisto allows you to experience seamless and easily scalable storefront performance using Headless eCommerce.

It also allows the merchants to easily add live stream shopping and produce a professional video for promotions. The module is perfect for any live streams, webinars, etc.

End Note

Bagisto’s e-commerce platform has greatly helped Maktaba Tul Madina achieve their goal of spreading Islamic teachings through their large collection of books and this platform is also available as a SaaS eCommerce.

Its advanced capabilities have allowed Maktaba to overcome challenges in expanding its online business and serving the Muslim community.

This Indian Islamic Publisher maintained its positive reputation in the Muslim community by expanding its reach online to provide religious books.

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