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Darussalam is an online Islamic book store and globally recognized publishing agency that specializes in publishing the holy Qur’an and Sunnah.

With their long-standing experience and expertise, Darussalam has gained widespread recognition and reverence in academic, religious, and publishing institutions.

How did Darussalam Start?

Darussalam is a book publishing company that was founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is devoted to Islam and was established with the intention of addressing this specific market niche.

Abdul Malik Mujahid, the founder of Darussalam has only one mission to serve humanity under the guidance of the Almighty ALLAH and to spread his message to the world since 1968.


It has only one vision i.e. to provide the most authentic Islamic knowledge at Darussalam, where the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah are spread.

Additionally, this website includes a comprehensive product catalog in Urdu, Arabic, English, German, French and other languages.

Global Locations

Darussalam has many stores in different global locations like Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, France, Kuwait, Australia, Maldives, Philippines and  India.

Use different locations.

It is an Islamic online bookstore, the customers can see product categories, view detailed product descriptions and add items to their shopping cart.

Darussalam has written 26 books about the life of the Holy Prophet and has translated the Quran into 26 languages.

Best Selling Products

It has a user-friendly category menu for browsing products. The home page provides a clean design with an attractive banner showing popular products.

It defines different types of product

Additionally, it facilitates the management of each item’s choices, qualities, and variations, then moves on to the next steps after providing a brief description of the product.

Islamic products encompass a wide range of items that are designed to enhance and support the practice of the Islamic faith.

Description of Book

With the help of Bagisto, Darussalam’s extensive product catalog may be efficiently maintained. This platform provides a flexible interface for product classification and modification.

Examples of Islamic products include prayer mats, Islamic clothing, Qur’an stands, prayer beads (tasbih), halal cosmetics, Islamic wall art and much more.

Social Logins

The benefits of social login extend to both users and businesses. For users, it saves time and effort by eliminating the need to create and remember yet another set of login details.

For businesses, social login offers several advantages. It can increase user conversion rates as it reduces barriers to entry and streamlines the experience.

provide an social website

Instead of creating a new account with a separate username and password, users can choose to log in using popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

This eliminates the need for users to remember multiple login credentials and simplifies the registration process.

Bagisto Support Multi-Currency Feature

On this website, Bagisto provides an amazing feature that allows customers from different countries to shop and make purchases using their local currencies.

Store owners have the option to sell their products in multiple currencies to cater to a global customer base.

It support multi currency option.

It provides a different currency option. A customer can select the currency option according to their place like Saudia Arabia, United Kingdom and Pakistan.

Darussalam provides built-in currency conversion functionality, which automatically detects the visitor’s location and displays product prices in their native currency.

Secure Payment Option

Bagisto guarantees that clients may check out. A secure payment gateway is one of its built-in features for protecting customer data during transactions.A secure payment page.

It offers different payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, and PayPal method for user satisfaction.

How Bagisto help to Darussalam?

Darussalam to advertise its products in the marketplace, decided to build its online commerce that is adaptable, scalable and configurable.Book Description.

There are a lot of open-source systems available on the market, such as WooCommerce, CS-Cart, Magento 2, and others. It chose the Laravel-based Bagisto platform to build its website.

Bagisto offers a smooth experience and delivers the website according to the client’s needs, attends to the demand and fulfils the requirements of the clients.

It provides an extensible feature in the products category i.e. customers can see the author’s other books by clicking on the Author’s name.

Responsive Design

Store owners in Darussalam might consider creating a custom Bagisto Laravel mobile app for their customers to get a more favourable viewing experience on smartphones.

For better view,use mobile app.

can be seen different product categories.

There are various options available, customers can access the website from desktops, mobile devices and tablets. It provides an optimal view experience to the user.

Open-source and Customizable

Being an open-source ecommerce platform, Bagisto can be customised and used for free. They can change and add features to suit their needs.

Bagisto being an open source platform.

It gives Darussalam the benefit of being able to alter the website in accordance with their unique needs and supply the user interface.

Cost Effective Solution

The open-source nature of Bagisto eliminates fees, making it a cost-effective choice for the company.

The pre-built themes and modules of the Bagisto also save time and development resources.

With the help of Bagisto development, Compared to starting from scratch and creating a customised e-commerce solution, Darussalam can save development costs.


Bagisto’s affordability and adaptability give Darussalam a solid foundation for growth and innovation in the digital sector.

By leveraging Bagisto’s capabilities, like its eco-friendly interface and catalogue management, Darussalam is able to effectively develop its e-commerce website.

Thanks for reading it, Hope you find it useful. If you build the same online store, Hire Laravel Developer for your project.

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