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Garuda Create Online Bookstore is a platform where stories from the Indian civilization’s perspective and story can be told.

We have not been able to discuss or progress our story for decades, if not longer.

People in India enjoy reading books. Every book passion seeks the best websites to buy books in India at a discount.

People used to desire to buy books online, but they didn’t know where to begin.

Garuda Create Online Bookstore

The experience of walking into a bookstore and looking for books, or immediately chatting up with the buyer.

While window-shopping through the books to learn about the bestsellers, has gradually replace by online bookshops coming forward in the market.

If you’re a bookworm, head to Garuda Create Online Bookstore; it’s the spot for you, with a vast assortment of books.

It has a large number of books in several genres, including Business, Thriller Mystery, Fiction, Action, and many others.

Garuda Create Online Bookstore

More than ever before, its liberalist structures and philosophy, its mind-body sciences, its liberation knowledge, and its goal of peace and happiness for all and in all domains.

However, in order to share that wisdom, we must elevate our thinking, find our voices, look up, write our own history rather than simply repeating the ideas of colonisers, and establish a new route rooted in our civilization.

Garuda Create Online Bookstore

Finding a reliable platform with specific technical problems was the main obstacle, and they ultimately discovered Bagisto to be their full solution partner.

Ecommerce in India

Indian e-commerce has completely changed the country’s corporate landscape.

The Indian e-commerce industry is expected to grow from US$ 46.2 billion in 2020 to US$ 111.40 billion by 2025. By 2030, it is projected to reach US$ 350 billion.

Total e-commerce sales predicted to increase to US$ 67-84 billion by 2021, up from US$ 52.57 billion in 2020.

By 2024, India’s e-commerce business predicted to be worth US$ 111 billion, and by 2026, it will be worth US$ 200 billion.

The growth of the sector has been propelled by rising internet and smartphone use rates.

The ‘Digital India’ program has boosted the number of internet connections in India to 784.59 million as of July 2021.

Six1% of metropolitan areas have internet connections overall, with 97% of those connections being wireless.

They are Challenged With Difficulties

Developing a solution for situations where users encounter complex and technological problems was the primary task.

One of the most important components is the Garuda store, which allows customers to select books and place orders based on their needs.

Garuda Create Online Bookstore

The store administrator has the ability to add features, manage categories, and make book plans for readers.

The customer wishes to buy books with features stated so they can open a business on

What was Bagisto’s Contribution?

When the customer found the Bagisto eCommerce solution, the module contained practically all of the features the client required.

Additionally, extremely controllable and user-friendly for store administrators.

Garuda Create Online Bookstore

Notes at the End

Using Bagisto extensions solution and its addons, garuda’s book was able to fulfil its vision of providing a platform where users can easily purchase with their custom domains.

The procedure has now become incredibly basic and straightforward. Anyone can easily register & and start an order by selecting as per the requirements.

Disclaimer: All content and pictures in this article are the property of their respective copyright owners.

You may watch our interview with the client on YouTube for further details about the Bagisto open source e-commerce platform.

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