Why Laravel Is the Future of Web Application Development

Updated 3 September 2021

 Laravel is known as the free open source web framework of PHP, mainly used in the creation of application development for the web. Laravel has been consistently successful in providing to be the most popular framework for web Developers. 

Laravel Web Development is ruling the whole web industry completely. It is easy, flexible and complex free data make it is not so difficult framework. 

Here are some of the amazing features of Laravel Framework which makes it extremely popular among the world of developers.

Template Engine :

Laravel framework comes with well-defined templates to build an amazing layout with dynamic content seeding. 

In many widgets including CSS and JS code with strong compositions. The purpose of these templates is to build a layout with unique sections.

MVC Architecture Support :

Laravel developers support the design, view, and Controller based design pattern. MVC offers more helpful documentation and considerably improves the acceleration of the development manner, improves application production and enhances security as well as scalability. 


Laravel framework allows very reliable web application security. It uses a specific identification mechanism so passwords would never be stored as plain text in the database. 

It also uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm (BHA)” for creating a password. Additionally, this PHP web development framework works on qualified SQL records that prevent SQL injection attacks.

Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) 

Laravel allows Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM) which adds a unique PHP Active Record implementation. 

This allows Laravel web Developers to write database doubts with PHP syntax preferably than writing SQL code. An ORM is comparatively quicker than other PHP structures.


Laravel Homestead is a selected stack or framework for Application Development today, due to the way it promotes unit testing

This Framework is able of managing multiple unit experiments to guarantee that innovations done by the developer do not unexpectedly break the web application. Ideally, this framework-based web application can steady releases as it is careful of the known crashes.  


It also makes it very easy for the developers to address unit tests.

Hence, the Laravel – PHP framework for developers is the program that is used in a large-scale variation of applications due to its great number of applications for many best businesses. This platform presents the users with more range for producing innovative products and improves the character of the assistance provided by them.

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