Bagisto Security Standards from the Server and User End

Updated 18 June 2020

In today’s world, Security is the most worrying factor. Cybercrime is the biggest threat to any online business in the world, and ecommerce sites are the most lucrative target as they contain confidential, personal and payment information as necessary to complete a transaction. Furthermore, unauthorized persons may also take advantage of vulnerabilities to redirect clients to domains owned by malicious / attackers, and may manipulate, alter the order details. As a result, a compromised site can endanger its consumer identity and financial loss to business as well as loss of user confidence and unwanted litigation threats. Therefore, this document outlines Bagisto Security Standards required to maintain a secure environment and how all security controls, procedures, and protections should be implemented to protect yourself from any type of attack by creating awareness within you.



General Server and User End Security Standards to make your bagisto store less attractive target and to make it more secure than ever :

Run your entire store over HTTPS (Google now uses HTTPS as a ranking factor)

However, HTTPS avoids eavesdropping attacks, and ensures secure communication between the users and websites.

Protect your infrastructure including your server, web applications, users, and network connection

  1. Bagisto
  2. database
  3. adminer/phpmyadmin
  4. apache
  5. redis, etc

Restrict files with .git .zip .gz .sql extension

Restrict php execution inside storage directory

Limiting error messages


Harden your server

Implementaion of HTTP security headers

In addition, Headers play a key role in communication between the client and the server, some of them have been mentioned in order to enhance the web security.

Continuous logging and monitoring


As every day passes, Security is becoming increasingly critical, but if it is not applied correctly, Security can also end up becoming a double-edged sword. Hence, the purpose of this Guide is to provide you with best Security Standards for the consumer’s equation side. Thus, we suggest you to take some time out of your day to enjoy our blog and to learn about the ways we’ve mentioned.


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