The Most Popular Open Source Project built on laravel

Updated 23 August 2023

In this article, I will introduce you to “The Most Popular Open Source Project built on laravel.” 

Firstly, Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell.

Undoubtedly, fewer organizations and talented developers already recognized the power of the Laravel framework.

Secondly, the objective behind Laravel is to make a few common tasks easy, such as routing, authentication, sessions, and caching for the developers.

In addition, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. PHP still counts at the top in terms of the back-end development world.

Now, Let’s see what are the topmost Open Source Projects which is  built on Laravel

Definitely amalgamation of features such as secure authorization, high scalabilitycustomizable along with wide community support has made Laravel one of the popular choices.

koel –

Koel is simply a web-based audio streaming service also this is the most popular Laravel project, among others.

It is built with Laravel + Vue.js.


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It has a wonderful website and has more than 10,000 stars in GitHub.

Koel uses Laravel 5.4, Vue.js 2.5, and Yarn, also follows library updates.

When you are looking to build a single page application using Laravel + Vue.js, Koel is the perfect one.

Discussion Packages

Laracasts –

Laracasts is built with Laravel at the back end and vue.js at the front end, and also hosted in Nginx.


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Laracasts is the defacto educational resource specifically for working developers building the web with PHP and JavaScript.

Flarum –

Flarum is the discussion platform for your website. It’s fast, free and easy to use, with all the features you need to run a successful community.


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Flarum is also another open-source software that is built on Laravel and also has more than 9600 stars on Github.

The basic requirement to install must have SSH access to a server with PHP 7.1+ and MySQL 5.6+ and Composer.

Laravel CMS Packages

Statamic –

Statamic is built on Laravel and allows the developer to build, configure, and manage everything right in your code editor.

Laravel CMS

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Get it from the Github

October –

October is a wonderful and easy to use self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.

This October CMS platform is created by Alexey Bobkov and Samuel Georges.

open source project

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People are loving this worldwide for its simplicity, flexibility, and also modern design.

It is a beautiful open-source CMS platform and free to use along with 9.3k stars on Github.

PyroCMS –

PyroCMS is a powerful, simple and modular CMS and development platform which is built with Laravel 5 for everyone.

Laravel CMS

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Built on the world’s most popular PHP framework.

Kye Features :

PyroCMS Github Repository:

Monica –

Monica is a superb open-source Personal Relationship Management System.


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Monica allows their users to keep tracking their friends and family important days such as birth date, anniversary, and so on.

This system is for people who have really care about their family and friends between their busy schedules.

Get it from Github

Invoice Ninja –

Invoice Ninja is another growing open-source package in Laravel Community.

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Key Offering of Invoice Ninja :

Also, Get it from Github.



The Open Source Laravel eCommerce has very rapidly caught the eyes of the Laravel Community also offers Multi-Warehouse Inventory out of the box.

Bagisto is an open-source eCommerce platform built on top of Laravel and Vue. js.

Apart from this, it’s a free and open-source framework that offers you a wide range of functionality also lets you have total control of your store.

Loot out the Live Demo



Within a year Bagisto got more than 1.9k stars on Github with more than 11k downloads

Check out the documentation for more as well as the GitHub Repository.

Also, check out the Top Selling project Bagisto below :


Aimeos is the open-source fully professional and ultra-fast eCommerce project for Laravel 5 and 6.

The Open Source PHP Library offers high-performance eCommerce components for various frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, and Slim.

Also, Aimeos TYPO3 distribution allows shop owners to easily set up their online webs shops.

open source project

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The well-documented code structure and native integration with any PHP application. Which makes the task of developers easier by adding components and also customizing framework as per their needs.

Aimeos Github Repository:


AvoRed is another opensource eCommerce application development platform written in PHP based on Laravel.

In addition, the key feature of AvoRed is that it’s totally developer-friendly because it’s built on top of Laravel.

open source laravel project

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AvoRed is modular eCommerce which is easily customizable as per the user requirements also has 855 stars on Github.

You can easily find the doc here: –


Above all are the wonderful Laravel packages.

Hope guys this blog gave you an idea about how far organizations and developer using this wonderful framework.

Also, You can drop any of your query at

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