How to Sell Products in International Markets?

Updated 6 October 2023

What should I do to sell my products internationally?How can I expand my business globally in multiple countries? 

I have a unique product strategy that resolves many issues worldwide. How can I expand my business globally in multiple countries? 

As soon as we consider the above said claims or questions, numerous other questions start to bubble up in our mind. In this article, we will try to cope with the challenges and answer them to sell products internationally. 

Most eCommerce business has the capability to go international unless they are selling products with a short lifespan or services limited to an area.

However, very few people try to go international after getting success in their local market. This may be because few of the challenges below:

What is the Importance of Global Sales?

The advantages of selling your product internationally are listed below.

Achieve a Wide Customer Base

You have a fantastic opportunity to grow your business once you start selling worldwide. From anywhere in the world, you may set up your website and begin selling.

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Utilize International Trends

You can quickly determine which products are now popular on the international market by taking advantage of the global trend. This enables you to adjust your product line to meet the demands of the market.

Get a Fair Price for your Products

Additionally, you can sell your products globally on a better price. You may quickly determine which things are more popular in other nations by keeping an eye out for them.

In light of this, you can take advantage of tailoring your product selection. Additionally, you can customise the product’s price as well.

Reduce Reliance on the Domestic Market

You can survive economic downturns more effectively if you have global customers. This diversification can help your company weather domestic adversity while enabling it to continue expanding despite adverse circumstances.

Make your Brand more Well-known

When you begin selling your products internationally, your brand will become more well-known. Selling globally will help you gain more followers on social media.

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Reduce your Manufacturing Costs

International production of goods are more affordable, which can benefit you by lowering your labor expenses and making it easier for you to market your goods.

Ways to Sell Products Internationally

There are two major ways in which you can sell your products online:

  1. List your products on existing Marketplaces.
  2. Sell through your own Website. 

1. List your products on existing Marketplaces. 

Listing your products on an already existing marketplace is an easy way to get a large customer base for your products. You can list your products on popular marketplace like:

If you already have websites developed on popular CMS like Bagisto, Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, etc. then you can get best extensions to connect with these marketplaces. 

Below are the benefits that you can have by connecting your website with Marketplaces:

2. Sell through your own Website. 

The other option to sell internationally is through your own website. If you already have your own website then you can prepare it for the international market. If you do not have a website yet then you need to develop one. 

Other Strategies to Sell your Products Globally

Multi-Language Store is an option

The language barrier is a significant obstacle when trying to sell goods in several nations.

Customers will be much likely to purchase a product if it is difficult for them to grasp it. Delivering high-quality translations to the client is the best course of action.

Promote Regional Currencies 

The majority of clients don’t want to waste time changing currencies. Allowing customers to make purchases in their home currencies is the best approach to enhance their shopping experience.

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Evaluate Payment Methods

One of the most crucial components when selling goods abroad is the payment method. Before selling worldwide, you must ascertain the preferred means of payment for your clients.

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Sell your Products Around the World with Bagisto

You’re starting a business and you need a website. Laravel-based Bagisto may be used to build an eCommerce website with a lot of customizable features.

By building an appealing eCommerce website, you can attract a a large number of international customers.When you are selling a product globally, the Bagisto tax administration tool allows you to manage tax information accurately.

By default, it offers PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Money Transfer, and Flat Rate as the payment and shipping options.



An international product launch opens up more opportunities for sales.

You might be able to extend the life cycle of more advanced items by introducing them in those markets as well once you’ve successfully entered those international markets with one product.

Launching internationally may balance your sales cycle if you anticipate seasonal sales changes.

Selling internationally is a big step that can enable you to expand your reach. establish your company as a global leader, attract more new clients, and boost your revenue.

For eCommerce development, you can always contact Webkul who has more than 13 years of experience in eCommerce development with different platforms. 


It’s all about How to Sell Products in International Markets. Also, for any further queries or doubts you can raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.


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