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The Beginners Guide to Understanding Taxes in Bagisto

In e-commerce, there are various taxes involved while purchasing the product. These taxes and rate of taxes differ from country to country. Here we have explained how you can create and manage taxes in bagisto.

Setup Tax Rule In Bagisto

Create a Tax Rate

Click on Setting>>Taxes>>Tax Rates>>Create Tax Rate

Tax Category

Enter identifier, Country, State, Zip Code, and Tax Rate then click on Save Tax Rate

tax rate in bagisto


Note:-  You can also set the zip range area so that tax will be applied only within this zip range.

zip range in bagisto


Create Tax Categories

Click on Tax Categories>>Create Tax Category

Tax Categories in bagisto

Select the Channel, enter the code, name, description and select the Tax Rate as created above. Then click on Save Tax Category

tax categories in bagisto


Set the Tax Category while creation product

Tax rate in bgisto


Front End:-

front end tax


signup in bagsito

Shipping method in bagisto


payment method

front end tax


Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at

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  • developer
    How I can Apply this for the whole Gujarat or whole India.
    • saurav pathak
      Hi there,

      While creating Tax rate, you can enable the zip range and define the ones for Gujarat

  • Gaurav K
    Does bagisto support price inclusive taxes?
  • Nets
    How to have GST Tax which is based on delivery location. I need CGST, SGST and IGST separation.
    • saurav pathak

      You can create different tax rates and set it as per zipcode

  • Bagisto helped us in creating this full functional, professional and user friendly web app. Bagisto has lot to offer to the developer and the user. The framework is outstanding.

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    Yosseph Baruch Dolgopolsky
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