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How to Create CMS Page in Bagisto?

With the help of CMS(content management system), you can create a new page, edit the page for your bagisto store. CMS is also helpful for the customer while purchasing the product to check the refund and return policy and many more.

How to Create CMS Page in Bagisto

To Create CMS page, open the Admin Panel then follow the below step

Add a New Page

On Admin Sidebar, click on  CMS>>Page>>Add Page 

Add CMS page

After click on the Add page, Below is the list of fields you need to fill under General.

Add CMS pages

Page Title:-You have to fill the page title.

URL Key:- Enter the page url key.

Channel:- Select the channel.

Locale:-  Select the locale.

Enter the Content

Content:- In this section, you have to write the content which you want to show on this page. With the help of helper classes, you can set the content layout.

content cms page

Enter the SEO Detail

Seo cms page


Meta Title:- Provide the main title of the page by which your page will be known as.

Meta Keywords:- The meta keyword for the page needs to be provided to improve its searchability on the search engine for specific keywords.

Meta Description:- Enter description so that page can easily appear in search engine listing.

Edit the Channel

Go to the Setting>>Chanel>>Open selected channel in Edit Mode.

footer content in cms


You have to use the source code editor, click on the source code(<>).

source code editor

You have to enter this code  “<li><a href=”@php echo route(‘’, ‘contacts’) @endphp”>contacts</a></li>” and write url-key which you entered while creating the cms page.  Click Ok and Save Channel.

Front End:-

front end cms page

When you click on the contacts it will redirect to another page like below image.

cms pages in bagisto

Hope it will be helpful for you. If you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at

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