How To Write Product Descriptions That Earn More Sales

Updated 26 January 2021

Everyone in the eCommerce game is looking for some tip or trick to take their sales figures to the next level. Here we will explain to you “How To Write Product Descriptions That Earn More Sales”.

Maybe the secret lies in some subtle price tweaking, or major UI improvements, or even expansion of their product range.

And in truth, each one of those things can make a significant difference in certain circumstances, so they’re all worth considering.

product description


Given how hard it is to stand out in online retail, though, it’s generally best to look for ways to do what other sellers won’t do, can’t do, or don’t know they should do.

This is why the simple tactic of writing better product descriptions can make a massive difference. Many merchants settle for a mediocre copy, so it’s fertile ground. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

Display some notable brand personality

It’s entirely possible that you already understand the importance of your brand having some interesting traits that people can get attached to.

You might have an engaging social media presence and an About us page that neatly captures what makes you special. But do you extend that personality to your product descriptions?


It isn’t generally done. Most merchants treat their product copy as essentially disconnected from their brands. This is a mistake.

If you can find ways to express your brand’s personality in the phrasing you use and the things you choose to highlight, it can not only bolster that personality in the eyes of the shoppers but also make the descriptions more memorable and impactful.

Take full advantage of your store platform

Naturally, every CMS designed for eCommerce allows you to create product descriptions. It’s a fundamental necessity.

That doesn’t mean that everyone has access to the same features, though, or that every interface works in the same way.

A cursory read through an eCommerce platforms review (such as the one at Ecommerce Platforms) will make it abundantly clear how extensively software and systems with the same purpose can differ.

bagisto eCommerce Platform

If you’re using a decent CMS, for instance, you’ll be able to toggle rich snippets in an effort to improve search performance (you can do this in Bagisto with ease).

If you’re using an older platform with fewer features, do what you can, consider the possibility of using extensions, and keep the option of migration in your back pocket (if your store system can’t help you create compelling product descriptions, it clearly isn’t fit for purpose).

Focus on benefits, not just features

Sticking with Amazon-style descriptions — lists of bullet-pointed qualities and features — is adequate, but the whole point of this post is that you shouldn’t settle for adequacy.

You should have that information somewhere on your product page, but you don’t need to focus on it (just make it easy to find should the shopper need it, possibly through an expandable section).


The goal of the most prominent part of your description should be to sell the shopper on the product, and the key for that is communicating how it will benefit them.

What problems will it solve? How will it save them time and money, or enrich their life in general?

For example, don’t sell a luxury oven by listing the temperature it can reach: sell it by explaining how much more quickly it can cook meals, helping the buyer spend less time in the kitchen.

Include stats and social proof

Coming up with inventive ways to describe your products is great, as is carrying across your brand’s personality. But there are more rhetorical devices you can break out and I particularly recommend using relevant statistics and forms of social proof where appropriate.

 product Tag


Throwing in a stat can prove extremely convincing. For example using the oven, something like “Cooks 25% faster than a standard oven” would be compelling

As for social proof, this is something Amazon does very well with its large range of highlighted reviews.

Just one glowing testimonial from an existing client whether sourced from an on-site review or even a social media mention can make your product rhetoric hugely more convincing.

A well-honed product description can make all the difference. You can offer a product that can easily be found elsewhere at a standard price.

But earn the sale over cheaper competitors by saying all the right things. It takes time and work to polish copy, yes, but it’s certainly worth doing — so what are you waiting for?

That’s all about “How To Write Product Descriptions That Earn More Sales”.

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