How to start Hyperlocal Services Marketplace?

Updated 1 May 2020

The eCommerce has shown great growth from the last few years. Moving a business over the internet is a great move. In this article, we will see how to start Hyperlocal Services Marketplace?

Some of the major hyperlocal websites are Swiggy, Olacabs, Urbanclab etc.

According to the survey, By 2040 around 95% of all purchases are expected to be done via eCommerce.

The Hyperlocal eCommerce system is also becoming popular nowadays and the future of hyperlocal eCommerce also seems bright.

What is Hyperlocal Marketplace?

A Hyperlocal Marketplace is a marketplace that covers a limited geographical area. 

The main aim of a hyperlocal business is to deliver the product in lightning-fast speed because it deals in a limited area.



Hyperlocal Marketplace concept is to provide the goods and services to the customers from the offline store those are available within the proximity of a few kilometres.

Well if it is a marketplace then several retailers can sell their products in a single store.

How does Hyperlocal Marketplace work?

The hyperlocal system uses the geofencing technique to detect the location of the customer and then it automatically detects that the delivery is available or not in that area.

The user can also enter the location according to the requirements

The system detects the vendor and goods available and delivers the goods and services to the customer at a lightning-fast speed.

In some cases, even the admin can also select the serviceable area in the map by setting the coordinates in the map.


Benefits of the Hyperlocal Marketplace?

The Hyperlocal Marketplace is becoming very popular in the eCommerce world, that is becoming very beneficial for the vendors, admin as well as the customers.


Admin Benefits

The most important benefit for the admin is that the admin does not need to worry about inventories management because the stocks are managed by the vendors only.

The delivery is also in the local area that leads to least shipping charges.

Vendor Benefits

The Hyperlocal Marketplace gives a golden chance to the vendors to expand their business in the local area. 

Before this system, the risk of failing the business was much more for the vendors because they were not able to reach the audience.

Customers Benefit

Now the customers are able to get the services and goods at their doorstep, there is no need to for the customers to go to the physical store.

The customers can order goods and services whatever they want by sitting at their home only.

The Hyperlocal Marketplace has brought the market or the services to the customer’s doorstep.

This is the right time to get your business online especially for the vendors who are facing the ups and downs during this COVID 19 crisis.

Why do we need Hyperlocal Marketplace?

The change in customer shopping behaviour with the internet effect has already boosted the marketplace model in online business.

The hyperlocal platform has also provided an ease to the customer with the nearest available and quick supply.

The hyperlocal businesses are becoming better and better day by day as they feel the pressure of the client’s expectation of quick delivery.


What are the challenges for a Hyperlocal Marketplace?

Starting a Hyperlocal Marketplace is not easy, there can be several challenges before the business is setup. It totally depends on you how you overcame these challenges.


Some of the challenges that a Hyperlocallocal Marketplace may face are as follows:-

Selecting  the area for the business

Starting the hyperlocal service in the non-tech areas where the major part of the population is not purchasing online cannot be the right part of the hyperlocal startup.

Brick and Mortar stores

The population those are purchasing grocery items and items such as fruits and vegetables from the physical stores rather than buying online are still more in many cities.

Tough Competition

Rivals are always there in business if you didn’t have a proper plan then it will face tough competition from startups like Grofers, Swiggy etc.

How to start a Hyperlocal Services Marketplace?

To Start a hyperlocal Marketplace you can go for the Bagisto eCommerce platform.

With the help of the extension Laravel Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension, you can easily create a Bagisto marketplace to a Hyperlocal Marketplace.

The seller can easily add the location where the seller can ship the products. The customers can enter their location and can check the available sellers and products in that particular location.

Features of Laravel Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension are as follows:-

Select Domain name

This is the most important and prime step for any website. The domain name should be unique and must attract customers.

The thing to remember is always preferred “.com” over the others.

Mobile Optimisation

This is also one of the most important steps in the current scenario as the number of users done online shopping through their mobile devices is very large.

According to the predictions, 53% of all eCommerce sales will be done through mobile devices by 2021.

Payment Gateway integration

The payment gateway is one of the most important section of any eCommerce marketplace. It handles all the transactions between 2 parties securely.

What are some marketing strategies for Hyperlocal Marketplace?

With the innovation of technology and marketing marketers are finding a better way of targeting consumers on the basis of their location.

Improve product search

It is very important to use services like Google My Business, Bing Places for making it easy to be found on the search results of your users.

Having your products or services listed on the first page of  Google search results can be very effective.

Reviews and Ratings

User reviews also play an important role more than ever now if your hyperlocal application has good reviews and rating people will be more willing to use it.

Reviews also influence your app’s ranking in search results.

Social media marketing

Social media is very powerful in the current scenario marketing the hyperlocal application through social media will be helpful to target the users.

Push notifications

For the better targeting of users, marketers can also send push notifications to the users about their products, offers and other services.

What is the future of Hyperlocal Marketplace?

The Hyperlocal Marketplace is also giving a new shape to the eCommerce world is becoming very popular nowadays.

The hyperlocal system can also be a gamechanger for the business organisations who target the local geographical area.

Thus Hyperlocal Marketplace is the next generation in transforming e-commerce for both sellers and customers.

So this article is all about “how to start Hyperlocal Services Marketplace?”

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