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Mix Mart is an Egyptian cosmetic retailer that provides a wide range of cosmetic and supplement products to fulfill all beauty needs.

The store offers an assortment of creams, lotions, serums, and treatments to maintain the health and glow of your skin.

Egyptian cosmetic retailer- Mixmart

In addition to beauty products, Mix Mart also stocks everyday essentials supplements and other personal care items that are essential for daily routine.

This Egyptian cosmetic store ensures that people can easily find top-quality items to enhance appearance and overall well-being.

Bagisto development services helped them to establish a successful e-commerce platform which helped them to expand their business online.

Cosmetic Industry in Egypt

The cosmetic market in Egypt is booming as lots of people in Egypt are into makeup, skincare, and hair products.

According to Statista, In 2021, the cosmetic market in Egypt was worth around $610 million with a growth rate of 6% annually.

Egyptian cosmetic retailer

Out of all the cosmetic products available, skincare items are the most popular on e-commerce marketplaces.

While international brands are well-known in Egypt many local brands like Veet, Nafisa, and Ghadeer have a significant presence in the market.

With the growing interest of young people in Egypt in cosmetics, this industry will expand rapidly in the near future.

Challenges Faced by Mix Mart

Mix Mart was struggling to expand and increase sales of their cosmetic products through their physical store alone.

To tackle this issue, they realized the importance of establishing an online presence and decided to launch a website.

Their main goal was to create an online platform that could handle the growing customer base and improve the overall shopping experience.

While searching for possible solution online they opted to launch an online store using Bagisto as their e-commerce solution.

This case study demonstrates how Bagisto’s features helped Mix Mart overcome obstacles and build a successful online store.

Customizable Storefront

A key benefit of Bagisto is its customizable storefront interface which allows Mix Mart to tailor it to their specific business needs.

bagisto storefront

This enables Mix Mart to offer a unique and user-friendly experience, setting them apart from competitor websites selling similar products.

RTL Compatibility

Bagisto supports right-to-left (RTL) languages like Arabic and Urdu which allows Mix Mart to cater to a diverse range of customers in Africa and Middle East.


This personalized touch boosts Mix Mart’s customer satisfaction and strengthens their bond with the target audience in Egypt.

Mobile Responsiveness

Bagisto’s responsive themes have made it possible for Mix Mart online store to be easily accessible and enjoyable on various devices like mobile apps and tablets.



This means that Mix Mart customers can now conveniently shop products anytime and anywhere they want.

Scalable Platform

Bagisto can utilize its built-in scalability features which involves implementing caching strategies, and ensuring efficient database performance.


The open-source architecture of Bagisto also provided flexibility for adapting and extending the platform to meet Mix Mart business requirements.

Better Search Engine Optimization

Bagisto’s SEO features allowed Mix Mart to optimize its online store for search engines which resulted in improved visibility and attracted organic traffic.

As a result, Mix Mart has experienced increased online visibility and achieved higher rankings in search engine results.

Octane Support

Bagisto’s Octane functionality helps to reduce the overall loading time of the website which results in better performance.

This performance optimization keeps users engaged and interested when visiting the site providing a better shopping experience.

End Note

Bagisto’s adaptability, scalability, and customization capabilities played a crucial role in helping Mix Mart overcome various challenges.

The collaboration between Mix Mart and Bagisto’s development services and ensured customers enjoy a remarkable shopping experience.

These achievements of this Egyptian cosmetic retailer is because of the successful partnership with Bagisto.

To further enhance your online store, it is recommended to explore additional Bagisto extensions.

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