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Koshika, a natural skincare products brand, stands as the symbol of beauty innovation with its special lotion made from hot spring water.

Made from the Koshikano Onsen, also known as the “Magical Hot Spring” in Kirishima City, Koshika has been a mark of skincare excellence since its establishment in 1978.

Koshika’s secret lies in the “Beautiful Skin Hot Spring,” a mineral-rich formula using a special manufacturing method.

Known for its sodium hydrogen carbonate spring quality, this spring, often referred to as the “Beauty Hot Spring,” has special properties that exfoliate dead skin cells, making the skin smooth.

Their journey shows the brand’s commitment to using natural skincare products, inviting individuals to experience the magic of Koshika’s special formula.

World of Cosmetics in Japan

The cosmetics industry in Japan is versatile and ever-evolving combining tradition with innovation.

Japan has become a global trendsetter in skincare and makeup products.

With a focus on natural and unique formulas, they aim to enhance and boost natural beauty.

According to IMARC Group, the Japanese organic cosmetics market is expected to exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2% during 2023-2028.

From luxurious skincare practices in ancient Japan to technology-driven innovations, the Japanese cosmetics market offers a wide range of beauty products.

Challenges Faced

Koshika felt the need to establish an online website to reach a large audience and show the benefits of its unique skincare product.

Dealing with customers and offering free samples online was a challenge in terms of logistics and user interface.

With a free sample campaign in mind, Koshika needed a platform that could handle a large increase in orders efficiently.

The admin wanted a platform where they could manage the back end easily and efficiently.

They wanted a feature by which they could visualize their sales, customer, and product reports and data through graphical representations.

In this case study we will know how Koshika established their e-commerce website on Bagisto to overcome these challenges.

Customizable Storefront

Bagisto’s dynamic storefront customization helped Koshika to create an interactive and attractive online experience.

This helped to effectively show the unique qualities of its hot spring water-based lotion.

Order Management System

With Bagisto’s flexible order management system, Koshika easily handled the increasing orders during the free sample campaign.

This helped them to ensure a seamless and positive customer experience.

Mobile Responsiveness

Bagisto’s mobile-responsive design ensured that Koshika’s online store was accessible and functioning across a variety of devices.


User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of Bagisto helped Koshika to provide a smooth and easy online shopping experience.

This helped to increase customer interaction and exploration of the skincare product.

Scalability for Campaign Success

Bagisto’s scalable architecture helped to manage the increased website traffic generated by Koshika’s promotional efforts.

This ensured a powerful and reliable platform during peak campaign periods.

Octane Support

Bagisto 2.0‘s Octane support feature played a vital role for Koshika in enhancing the efficiency and performance of Koshika’s online platform.

Octane support ensured that Koshika’s website not only operated seamlessly but also delivered an enhanced user experience.

The accelerated page loading allowed customers to navigate the product easily, which was important during the free sample campaign.

Full Page Cache Support

With this feature, Koshika’s website achieved fast loading speeds and responsiveness.

The Full Page Cache reduced page load times, providing visitors with smooth access to product information and an easy navigation experience.


By using Bagisto’s features, Koshika successfully ran a free sample campaign, establishing its online presence and engaging with a large audience.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and efficient order management system played a crucial role in achieving Koshika’s marketing objectives.

This ultimately contributed to the brand’s success in the competitive natural skincare products.

If you also want to establish your online store similar to Koshika using Bagisto you could use Bagisto Development Services.

You can also check other Bagisto extensions to enhance your online store.

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